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Beach and Pool Day Essentials!

If you’re headed to the beach, get ready to embrace the sun and sand with a fully prepped beach bag! If you follow me on Instagram, you likely saw I recently returned from a Cabo beach vacation (check out my beach vacation packing list HERE). As a seasoned beach-goer, I’ve found a very specific list of items that have become staples in my beach or pool bag. Not too much and not too little, this list has just the right amount of essentials for a successful day by the water. To help you pack for your next beach or pool day I’m sharing my beach bag checklist… everything from my tried-and-true sunscreens to must-have items you may not have thought to pack! I’ve even specifically highlighted 3 specific beach day game-changers below. Let’s dive into my beach bag treasure trove and discover the packing list I swear by for an unforgettable day by the water! See something you love? Shop the item by simply clicking on the graphics below. For even more beach bag must-haves, scroll to the “shop the post” section at the bottom of this blog! (Pssst… If you’re looking for the perfect beach bag, I’ve shared a few of my favorites on my LTK Storefront HERE!) 

Glow Stick | Sunscreen Spray | Lip Repair

The very first thing on my beach bag packing list is sunscreen. While you can never have too much sun protection, I try to make sure that at a minimum I’ve included sunscreen for my face, body, and lips. I have a long list of sunscreens that I’ve tried in the past, but I recently shared my list of tried and true Sunscreen FAVORITES on the blog HERE

Lens Wipes

In the summer I rarely go anywhere without a pair of sunglassesespecially when around a body of water. After days spent outside, my lenses are almost always riddled with a combination of pool/ocean water, sand, sunscreen, and sweat. I absolutely swear by these Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes when it comes to keeping my sunglasses clean (and my vision not impaired). I keep a few of these pre-packaged wipes everywhere but they get even more use on a beach vacation. These wipes will ALWAYS have a place in my beach/pool bag… so effective and convenient! 


There’s nothing worse than frantically digging through your beach bag searching for an item. I find that when everything is thrown into one bag, the smaller items seemingly get lost amongst the bulkier items. I’ve started packing a water resistant wristlet within my bag to store smaller items for easy access. These wristlets are great for storing lipscreen, keys, hair ties, etc., and make it much easier to quickly locate these items. Two wristlets that I’ve used and love are the SCOUT Kate Wristlet and KEYPER Clear Wristlet Set

Hat | Tote Bag | Flip Flops | Face & Body Wipes | Wristlet | Glow Stick | Unseen Sunscreen | Lipscreen | Claw Clip | Lens Cleaning Cloth | Lens Wipes | Coola Sunscreen | Brush | Book | Sunglasses

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