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The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about holiday gifts! Throughout the years I’ve found that it’s best to begin holiday shopping sooner rather than later. Beginning shopping earlier helps to minimize stress and allow time to truly enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones. One of my tried and true tips for shopping ease is to keep a very detailed gift giving checklist! At the beginning of the season, I’ll write down the people I need to shop for, desired budget, and the date the gift is needed. Having this information all in one spot has been a game changer! In the coming weeks, I’ll be releasing gift guides by recipients to help simplify your holiday shopping. Happy shopping!

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I’m your host, Tiffany Blackmon.
I’m a chef, author, mother, wife, fitness fanatic, interior design-enthusiast, fashion-lover, and the sum of all things fabulous…and not-so-fabulous.



"......This podcast is so authentic and truly addresses everything from the good to bad and even the ugly. Tiffy is so open about life, including the " not so fabulous" parts. It's refreshing to listen to someone so transparent and fearlessly vulnerable. This podcast is perfect for all ages and I cannot recommend it enough."

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"100% Fabulous!!! Tiffany hits all the marks with her candid discussions on fun and difficult topics! It's must listen and a weekly treasure! Thanks for being you and keeping it real and relevant!!! "


"Like Chatting with a girlfriend!
Enjoy listening and I find I talk back like she can hear me! It's like catching up with an old friend for me...."

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