According to National Today, the last Thursday in June is National Work From Home Day. This day is a celebration of the different evolutions (technologically and culturally) that allow us to work productively from our home, not just in the office of your place of business. With so many of us now working from home, […]

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My Office Desk Essentials

June 30, 2022

I just LOVE a clean and organized refrigerator. I adore taking the time, after I shop for groceries, putting everything away in an organized fashion!  However, during busy times it is so easy to fall prey to the expired items, molded cheese, dried celery leaves or a random sauce that has leaked and taken residence […]

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A Clean + Organized Refrigerator

March 31, 2022

Of all the changing seasons, in my opinion, the summer to fall closet transition is arguably the most dramatic.  Trading our shorts, sundresses, and sandals for warm coats, sweaters, and boots.  With the help of the FABULOUS Bonnie Smith (@shopwithbonnie) and Nikki Farris (@simplifyyourspacetx), my closet is ready for the season ahead, and yours can be too!

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Closet Transition

November 14, 2021

Ah…the look, feel, organization, and ease of a perfectly organized pantry! You get me? I love knowing every item has a place. I label to make sure we are organized and try to have a quarterly clean out as it is often easy to have items expire, so purging is necessary. Allow me to re-introduce you […]

Pantry Organization

June 26, 2020

Spring Closet Transitioning The thought of closet transitioning and organization can be a daunting and overwhelming experience.  I truly feel I am organized but when it comes to seasonal switch out, I have to admit, I feel overwhelmed and admittedly, I procrastinate.   I met Nikki Farris with Simplify Your Space a few years ago […]

Spring Closet Transitioning

May 7, 2020

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