The Smell Of Spring® with Aromatique

The Smell of Spring with Aromatique #candle #springfragrance #homescent #homedecor #aromatique

Something that has always brought me immense joy is a home that smells as beautiful as it looks and feels. Growing up, my mother was continuously searching for new candles and scents to keep our home fragrant and fresh. Placing such a high level of importance into home fragrance is a trait my mother certainly passed down to me. I absolutely LOVE all things scents, candles, diffusers, and anything that creates a beautifully fragrant home. 

Our sense of smell has the ability to evoke so many memories, feelings, and emotions. I truly believe satisfying our sense of smell is so incredibly fulfilling, so needed, so necessary.

Throughout my home I love to combine two of my favorite things – beautiful fragrances with home decor. What better way to combine these than with the Creator of Decorative Fragrance themselves… Aromatique. Just in the name alone, Aromatique evokes so many fond memories throughout my life. I recall my first job at a local boutique in my quaint hometown, which began selling Aromatique my senior year of high school. I remember coming home from college to my mother testing the latest Aromatique scents, to discover the one that best suited our home. Our sense of smell evokes so many precious memories, and Aromatique is at the center of creating precious memories for so many. Based on the thought that fragrance and art are one in the same, Aromatique has created fragrances that smell and look beautiful. 

I love finding scents that reflect the seasons and adjusting my fragrances to bring a bit of that season into my home. I’ve fallen in love with Aromatique’s The Smell Of Spring®, which is the fragrance of hyacinth, jasmine and rose, touched lightly with lily of the valley. This beautiful fragrance truly embraces spring and all things fresh. 

Around my home you will find an array of fabulous Aromatique finds in the scent The Smell Of Spring®. Use code Tiffany20 for 20% off your entire purchase!

The Smell Of Spring® Textured Glass Candle

The Smell of Spring Textured Glass Candle #candle #springfragrance #homescent #homedecor #aromatique

Both the scent and presentation of this candle are absolutely beautiful. The white textured glass is so intricate, timeless, and a beautiful piece of home decor. 

The Smell Of Spring® Mini Deco Box

The Smell of Spring Mini Deco Box #candle #springfragrance #homescent #homedecor #aromatique

The mini deco box is the perfect way to brighten up any room with a fabulous scent as well as a touch of floral decor. The deco box is truly a fabulous blend of fragrance and decor, and serves as the perfect hostess gift! 

The Smell Of Spring® LTE Mini Diffuser Set

Diffusers are such a great way to add subtle and consistent fragrance to any room. Oftentimes I like to place a diffuser in my powder bathroom, and living room. This specific scent was inspired by the Italian countryside, and immediately transforms any room! 

The Smell Of Spring® LTE Glass Candle

The Smell of Spring LTE Glass Candle #candle #springfragrance #homescent #homedecor #aromatique

Also inspired by the Italian countryside, this candle is a gorgeous addition to any room.

More The Smell Of Spring® items:

Don’t forget to use code Tiffany20 for 20% off your entire purchase!

The Smell of Spring with Aromatique #candle #springfragrance #homescent #homedecor #aromatique

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