Wedding Guest Dress Codes

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Let’s get married!  With so many weddings postponed throughout the past two years, we are gearing up for a particularly busy wedding season. I am often asked for wedding attire suggestions and this year is no different as we are back to events and celebrating the nuptials of couples. To provide direction and style options I would ask the obvious questions.  What is the dress code, time of year, and location of the venue. Will there be travel involved for packing purposes? Is there a color restriction, and so on. For most weddings, there will be a specified dress code. For example, black-tie, formal, cocktail, or casual. I’ve included a refresher on how dress codes are defined and suggestions for each category. 

Black-Tie Attire

Black-tie attire is among the more formal of dress codes… implying a time for men to pull out their black tuxedo, and for women to opt for a formal, floor-length gown. 

Black-Tie Optional or Formal

I decided to include this combination of dress codes because it is becoming increasingly popular among wedding attires. This indicates a dress code that is slightly less formal than black-tie, while still offering the option of black-tie attire. For men, a tuxedo isn’t necessarily required, but would still be an appropriate option… another appropriate option is a formal dark suit with a tie. For women, this dress code implies either a formal, floor-length gown, midi or knee-length cocktail dresses.


Cocktail attire is the halfway point between semiformal and formal, and has become a very common dress code. More formal than a daytime wedding, but more casual than a nighttime celebration, cocktail attire does not require floor-length gowns or tuxedos. Cocktail attire allows more wiggle room on the length of the dress, ranging from mini, midi, etc.  

I’ve created a few fabulous style ideas that are perfect for upcoming weddings! Enjoy! 

Wedding Guest Dress Codes #blacktiewedding #formalwedding #cocktaildress #springdresses #summerdresses #formal #weddingguest #dresscode

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