Stay Busy and Keep Calm During Covid-19 Quarantine


Hey there everyone, I hope this blog post finds you healthy and well. I know the news can be a bit depressing, as of late, and with stricter guidelines about not being allowed to leave the house…I have compiled a list of things that I am doing to keep busy. If you have any further suggestions, please don’t hesitate to leave recommendations in the comments!

Read a Book; see below a few of my favorites!

Binge watch a TV show; see below a few of my guilty pleasures!

  • Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

  • Vanderpump Rules

  • Nightly News with Lester Holt, I record and watch every single night to stay in touch with what’s going on in the world!

Watch a Movie; with my precious dog LaLa, we LOVED watching the below to get away from the grim news and put a smile on our faces!

  • Pets 1

  • Pets 2


I love adding meditation to my daily ritual.  However, I have not made time for this lately as I am too busy, but now is the time to reincorporate! I love using the Calm app.  There are so many meditations on this app and many of them are free!! This app helps with sleep, mood elevation, anxiety & stress reduction and so much more!! Check it out!  


Sadly, all gyms have closed in both the Austin and Fort Worth area.  The gyms Greg and I are members are small business owners that will take a hard hit with where we are with this crisis today. Because of this, I still want to support them so I will use D Method online platform with both free and paid videos for cardio barre sculpt, bounce, cardio and toning. They will be adding new videos for mat Pilates, sculpt and stretch, barre and bounce as well. They are also offering virtual private lessons! If you are interested in keeping up with your workouts with them virtually, send them an email to and they will set up!!


I started going through my pantry and YIKES!! I had SO MANY shelf items that were expired! Basically, staple items like flour, cornmeal, and rice that needed to be pitched. Thank goodness I had the time to purge!

Transition closet from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer

Being a social media influencer…this is a MUST! This is also the time I go through and assess styles that I no longer wear or maybe that don’t fit anymore. Create a giveaway or sell pile to really weed through everything you have. It feels good to get rid of things every now and then to make room for a new addition for the coming season!


As a chef, I love inspiring you to get in the kitchen as much as possible! What better time than now to try out a few new recipes?

My husband, Greg LOVES breakfast and EVERY morning he has a hot breakfast made by yours truly!! I am always roasting or braising a large cut of beef to use for leftovers throughout the week. I developed the below recipe for Beef Loving Texans and it is FABULOUS for breakfast or actually any time of the day. 

I will list a few more of our favorites below. If you end up making them, please tag me or leave a note in the comments. I can’t wait to hear what y’all think!

Support a Local Business

Many of our favorite local businesses are struggling right now and could use our help. If cooking isn’t your forte, contact your go-to restaurants for options on carry-out or delivery. I will list a few of Greg and I’s favorites below!

Stay healthy, be well, and don’t forget to wash your hands. We will get through this together! #TogetherApart

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