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I have always taken care of my skin. I recall my grandmother Effie, with beautiful olive skin reminding me to wear a hat, sleeves (meaning long sleeves), and gloves when I was as young as four years old.  Now…I am guilty of being a sun goddess in my early years but after a horrible burn on my face at the age of 21 that scarred my nose, I said no more!  I began the daily ritual of wearing sunscreen and truly taking my skincare seriously.  When I graduated college, I purchased my first “big girl” product, Cellex-C. I really couldn’t afford this expense but I made skincare a priority, cut corners in other areas of my budget and haven’t looked back.

Consultation with Dr. Riehm

Taking care of my skin for so many years has certainly paid off.  However, I am 56 and the years catch up with fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and crepey skin, especially around my neck! I have two cervical surgical scars and they were great one day and it seemed like the next they were not so great!!  I began injectables at 45, laser treatments, and chemical peels here and there throughout the years but never REALLY stuck with a series of lasers. Maybe because they always HURT, and I am a baby!  LOL!  

Enter PicoSure. Have you ever heard of it? If you answered no, I hadn’t as well until about 10 weeks ago when I was first introduced at the FABULOUS Skin Deep Laser MD in Fort Worth, Texas.  PicoSure is the world’s first safe and effective picosecond laser for the removal of unwanted pigment. I am personally using this treatment to remove discoloration, and crepey skin around my cervical scars.  PicoSure can also be used to remove lesions, acne scars, wrinkles, and even tattoos!  Dr. Riehm suggested I have a series of 4-5 treatments, each treatment 4 weeks apart.  

The minute I walked into Skin Deep Laser MD, I felt like I was home. The staff is so warm and friendly, the lobby is relaxing, and Skin Deep Laser MD feels more like a spa retreat than a doctor’s office. The fabulous Dr. Riehm and her medical esthetician/certified laser technician, Megan Webb took such good care of me and I highly recommend! The treatment began with numbing cream before they applied the laser to my face, neck, and hands. The entire process took about an hour and while I can’t say it was painless, like I mentioned before, I am a weenie when it comes to pain, I found this extremely tolerable! 

Stages of PicoSure

6-12 hours post procedure I was red and felt like I had a slight sunburn.  I was careful to not put anything harsh on my skin like retinol or vitamin c to avoid irritation.  

24 hours post procedure a few red spots lingered, but nothing bad.  

48 hours post procedure I began having slight breakouts and a rash which is normal as the damage is brought to the surface.  My skin has a tendency to breakout but this was minimal and lasted about 5 days.

I will continue to share my experience as I finish up my series. I have currently had 2 of the 5 treatments and look forward to sharing before and after images when complete!

Skin Deep Laser MD

4608 Bryant Irvin Rd.

Suite 408

Fort Worth, TX 76132


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