Meet Kevin Nahai

In 2020 I had the opportunity to meet Kevin Nahai. Kevin, is an extremely wise and talented 28-year-old motivational speaker and personal coach from Los Angeles, California. Kevin and I talked and have several similarities and wanted to share his message with the world.

At the age of 19, Kevin was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a chronic disease of the stomach that caused him the inability to eat. While attending USC, Kevin fell into a deep depression, severely anorexic, and came extremely close to ending his own life.  He spent most of his twenties suffering through crippling anxiety, toxic relationships, breakups, complete lack of confidence and direction. After several years of deep introspection, therapy, and meditation, Kevin was able to transform his life and become a respected public speaker and personal coach. 

Every day, he makes the choice to harness his experiences in order to help others overcome their biggest emotional challenges with anxiety, depression, dating and relationships.  He works with clients to achieve confidence and develop self esteem. 

Kevin’s mission is to provide his clients and audiences with the proven, practical, actionable tools and solutions he incorporates every day in order to create a life he loves. 

Change your thoughts, change your actions, and you will change your life!

Kevin is a speaker, writer, and mentor to young men and women across the globe on a select number of emotional and psychological issues. His mission is to help clients and audiences experience fulfillment, joy, and peace of mind through a mentoring relationship.  This mentoring will teach you how to break patterns that no longer serve you, develop deep confidence in yourself, and act on what truly feels right in your heart.

Kevin includes elements of coaching of several types of therapy in his practice. Using this methodology, he is able to help people realize clarity and adopt new habits in their lives in a significantly shorter period of time.

I am honored to welcome his as a guest on my podcast, My So-Called Fabulous, launching tomorrow! Until then, follow him on Instagram at @kevinnahai for advice, tips and tricks to living your best life!

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