Closet Transition: Summer to Fall

Transitioning my closet for the upcoming season!

In most places, cooler weather is (hopefully) on the horizon… Therefore, it’s time to transition your closet! In my opinion, the summer-to-fall closet transition is the most dramatic of the changing seasons. Trading our shorts, sundresses, and sandals for warm coats, sweaters, and boots. After this HOT Texas summer, I’m more eager than ever to add fall colors and warmer pieces to my wardrobe. I’m a few weeks from shifting my closet to match the fall season, so I thought I would share the step-by-step process I use to shift my wardrobe between seasons.

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Start by pulling out everything in your closet. I know… it’s a lot, but I promise it has to get worse before it can get better! The changing of your seasonal clothing is also a great time to sort through items to purge, donate, and replace. I use this process to identify holes in my closet and get rid of items I’m unlikely to wear again. With end-of-season sales approaching, this helps me identify what to purchase and frees up space to store new items.


As you sift through your closet, identify a space in your home that can be used to store summer clothing items. I typically use a guest room closet or storage closet (organizing tips HERE). When it comes to organizing these out-of-season items, there are seemingly countless options in the Container Store’s Storage section. I opt for the clear storage bins, especially in sizes that will fit under the bed. However, if your storage bins are not clear, I recommend labeling your bins… this makes items easily accessible and sets you up for success come time for the spring transition. Now summer clothing has been stored, you’ve created closet space for your fall wardrobe! 


This might sound like a given, but when arranging items in your closet, I recommend organizing with frequently used clothing, shoes, and accessories in mind. To best utilize your available closet space, keep less frequently worn items out of the way. This makes room for your most frequently used items front, center, and within reach… making for an easier day-to-day closet experience.


While everyone has their own way of sorting their hanging clothes, this is the way I have found what works best for me. I separate clothing by lifestyle/event which allows me to have a better general idea of where specific items can be found. I previously color-coordinated my closet, but found it more difficult to locate specific items quickly and without much thought. Being able to go directly to a sweater section instead of frantically searching my entire closet for one sweater saves me so much time and stress when getting ready. For added ease, I use Closet Rod Organizers with specific labels to separate each section. 


There is no such thing as too much space in a closet… and what better way to make the most of the space you have than to utilize every inch.  The Container Store has so many fabulous goodies to help create additional space and organization in your closet.  I’ve linked some of my personal favorites from my closet in the graphic below!

I love bringing in the experts… the FABULOUS Bonnie Smith and Nikki Reasor to help transition my closet for all seasons! I’ve had the opportunity to consult with these women for years and they are THE best in the business. They both know my wardrobe, wardrobe needs, closets, and storage spaces. 

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