Storage Room Organization: How to Best Utilize Your Space!

Reorganizing our storage room!

One of my favorite things about our home is the storage capabilities. When building the house, the original homeowners added a storage room… It is truly such a convenient and useful space! I recently realized we were NOT using this room to its full potential. As you can see in the photos below, over the years this room had turned into a drop zone for our household clutter… a drop zone with little to no organization system in place. So many items were thrown into this room… everything from luggage, seasonal wardrobe pieces, boxes, bags, down to my daughter’s sorority shirts. The longer we let items build up, the more chaotic and disorganized the room became. As someone who loves a tidy and organized home, the state of our storage room became a point of anxiety for me… what’s the point of this fabulous storage space when it’s in such disarray??? 

It was definitely time to tackle the clutter and create a more organized room. I worked with my friend Nikki Reasor, with Simplify Your Space to achieve just that. I wanted to create a room that would be an efficient, easy-to-use space, which we did by adding shelving, clear labeled storage bins, and clothing racks. Below I’m sharing the before and afters of our storage room, as well as organization tips and items that helped us achieve it! I hope this encourages you to tackle “that” space in your home… Let’s get started!

Rolling Shelving Racks

Rolling Racks

In order to make the most of the space you have available, it’s important to take advantage of the vertical space in your storage room… not just the floor space. To utilize the vertical space in our storage room we added a few shelving racks and it made a world of difference! Shelving racks allow you to stack items for optimal visibility (I recommend the most-used items/boxes closer to the bottom for easy access). I love these rolling racks from The Container Store, they are sturdy, easily assembled, and keep the room clutter-free and organized (pro tip: attach wheels to the bottom to easily move and rearrange when needed) 


Label Maker | Smart Labels

Our storage room is truly a catchall for a seemingly endless array of items. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of labeling when it comes to organizing your “catchall” room. Having boxes specifically labeled makes it much easier to locate items without having to dig through every box… such a time-saver! We used a classic label maker, but I also love these premade labels and QR code smart labels

Weathertight Storage Totes

Clear Weathertight Totes

I’ve used clear storage totes for years to store items, and they are truly the most effective container I’ve been able to find. I highly recommend looking for bins that are designed not just to store your belongings, but also to protect them. My personal preference would be the Weathertight Clear Totes. The latches secure the lid with an air and watertight seal, protecting its contents from moisture, dirt, and pests. This offers peace of mind that my items are safe in the event of a flood and safe from outside dirt. 

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