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According to National Today, the last Thursday in June is National Work From Home Day. This day is a celebration of the different evolutions (technologically and culturally) that allow us to work productively from our home, not just in the office of your place of business. With so many of us now working from home, we’ve had to get a bit more creative when it comes to making a productive working space within our own homes. While workspace necessities look differently for everyone, there are a few things that make me feel more productive. An aesthetically pleasing desk, a clutter-free workspace, and an organized system.

It’s important to maximize the space you have, and minimize the unnecessary clutter (which is much easier said than done). I’ve found so many great tools to maximize your desk/office space, and I’m linking some of my favorites! Though I’m still trying to determine what the perfect home office looks like for me, these products have certainly helped me work towards a maximized home office space. What better way to celebrate National Work From Home Day than cleaning out the old, and refreshing your space with a new layout!


Something I recently purchased is a rolling cart to serve as an extension of my desk. Having this rolling cart allows me to store easily accessible desktop necessities while maintaining a non-cluttered desk. Though it isn’t as aesthetically pleasing, it is extremely functional and the wheels allow it to be moved and hidden when necessary. I’ve purchased the reversible organizer lid to cover the top drawer when I’m not using it! 


As mentioned above, it’s important to maximize the space you have available, and minimize the unnecessary clutter. As someone who prefers to have most documents printed, this can be difficult for me at times. Rather than having papers scattered throughout the office, I like to have an organized method of storing important documents. A great way to do this is either a desktop paper drawer or a storage box that can be kept under or around your desk. 


My office is currently in my kitchen as my lifestyle brand requires culinary components.. I’ve selected accessories that are visually pleasing to my kitchen and kitchen living decor but still remain functional. I love the look of clear acrylic as the accessories just blend into the interior design I have selected. 

I hope you all found these office essentials helpful!

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