What’s In My Beach Bag?


What’s In My Beach Bag

We left Cabo after Spring Break in early March and have not returned but dreaming of getting away, post-quarantine! Our bags are packed and we are just waiting on the green light from the government. 

Every June we have our annual wedding anniversary trip with friends and family to our happy place, Las Ventanas al Paraíso in Cabo. This year, planning is a challenge as it appears we will be having “Cabo in Texas”, perhaps lakeside!

Regardless, when there’s sun you will see my “beach” bag packed with the essentials. If you have a family, make sure your bag is large enough as mine always seems to be the “catch-all bag” for my precious family.  That’s what moms do, right?  

OK, LET’S GO!!!!! 

Beach Bag 


SPF Swim Shirt


Clear bag for necessities 

Water Bottle 

Book/Magazines (what I’m reading right now)

Beach Towel 

Flip Flops


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