Building the Perfect Bar Cart


Building the Perfect Bar Cart

Amidst our new social distancing, normal happy hours can require some creativity.  Whether it’s a Zoom happy hour with friends or an at-home happy hour with your QuaranTEAM, a bar cart is an essential item to have.  Whatever you opt for…a mocktail or a cocktail, your bar cart should be prepared for the basics and then some.  These home sanctuaries require creativity, planning, investment, and execution to create your own personal atmosphere and perfect beverages.  Let’s get started! 

Begin with the cart

There are so many FABULOUS bar cart styles to choose from.  Select the style that works well with your home interior and space.  Will you just use it as an object of beauty or practical and functional by actually wheeling across your home to show off your mixology skills? 

It is critical to make sure it’s not fragile! Vintage collectibles are beautiful and unique but be careful, as your 12-year-old bottle of scotch may shatter due to an unstable wheel or uneven construction.  

Stock up on the essentials 

Make sure you have a variety of spirits to suit multiple personalities. The types of liquors to shelve will depend on where the bar cart is located. I prefer making margaritas in the kitchen to control the prep and execution. For entertaining, my bar cart is sized perfectly for built and stirred drinks. I have a list of spirits that will suit a variety of recipes. Additionally, bottles of vermouth, bitters, and quality mixers are essential.  

  • Scotch

  • Tequila

  • Cognac

  • Gin

  • Vodka 

  • Whiskey

  • Tequila 

Selecting the right tools

Your bar cart will need the right tools to get you mixing!  I’m sharing a complete list of items that are key for my space but you can certainly keep it simple as well.  


Invest in glassware/barware

Martini glasses, highball, double old fashioned…I love the delicate features and characteristics of unique glassware.  Select a good weight, adequate rim, and a beautiful style that feels good in your hand.  The right pieces can not only enhance the drink itself but heighten your entertaining experience.  Purchase glassware based on personal drink preference. What do you love to drink?  What will you offer your guests? Are you ready for unexpected requests? Be prepared.  In addition, a great decanter is nice to have on hand for those guests that prefer a glass of red wine over a mixed drink concoction.

Finishing Touches 

Having finishing touch ingredients on hand for your bar cart will complete most cocktail recipes.  

  • Bitters

  • Dry and Sweet Vermouth 

  • Campari 

  • Luxardo cherries 

  • Fabbri cherries 

  • Olives in brine 

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