The Luxe Wellness by Laine Bechtel

I am so excited to share The Luxe Wellness by Laine Bechtel with you all! The Luxe Wellness is concierge nutrition counseling and personal training that will help you create, transform and nourish your body and mind into your absolute best self. Founder, Laine Bechtel will coach clients to find the freedom to feel and look their best. Laine is a graduate from the highly esteemed Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a certified nutritionist and health coach. She combines her knowledge of nutrition with her personal training skills to assist clients with a solid, healthy foundation as they begin their careers or life paths, as well as women who are looking to feel like themselves again post-baby.



Her business philosophy is founded upon the idea that the right foundational nutrition knowledge and education, a positive personal relationship with food, and basic culinary skills can empower clients to be their absolute best. Laine, a natural nurturer thrives to welcome reconnect with their best selves and healthiest habits. She combines her education with personal experiences and growth to provide a real connection with clients and build trust.  

Tips from Laine

~Consistency over perfection. Nothing is permanent.  Weight gain, weight loss, stress, emotions etc. So much of true “wellness” begins with the mind’s relationship to the body and to food and always aim to be consistent in your habits

~Beware of restrictions and trendy diets.  Learn to trust your body’s cues and intuition on what is best for you individually as each person’s biochemistry is unique.

~Don’t underestimate low intensity low impact movement and a daily dose of sunlight! Not only is it easier on the body and adrenal system, it plays a very significant role in weight loss and energy level.

~Strive to improve your NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis), the amount of your daily routine movement, and this will help boost your heart health, sleep quality, and absolutely aid in weight loss.

I adore Laine’s recipe for Tex-Mex Veggie and Turkey Enchiladas!  So flavorful, so easy and great for leftovers!! Enjoy!! 

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