The Classic Caesar Salad

A great Caesar salad recipe gets its divine flavor from the traditional ingredients that are
key to perfect balance. The combination of raw eggs and anchovies often makes people
feel a bit unnerved but know both of these ingredients are key for the recipe flavor
success. If you are nervous about the thought of consuming raw eggs? Always use
pasteurized eggs and coddle using my method in the tips below. Egg yolks impart a
richness like no other to the emulsion of salad dressings. Dislike of anchovies, sorry;
this little fish is a MUST for classic Caesar? Anchovies provide a briny blast of umami
and perfect balance. I typically use only one filet as my hubby has a huge distaste for
anchovies. However, the flavor is so subtle, he never knows as I am careful to not
overpower. I am so happy to share one of my essential recipes. Enjoy!


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