Kale Chicken salad with Apples and Cheddar

I love a hearty entrée salad, layered with so many flavors and textures that marry well together.  Tender, juicy rotisserie chicken, tart apples, sharp cheddar, and curly kale. Massaging this variety of kale will assist in breaking up the cellulose structure, producing a slightly sweeter, much silkier texture.  The ingredients…

Longhorn Punch

With Coach Kati Epps, Rock Sound Rum, and Austin Fit Magazine. Photo By Controneo Photography Just in time for the 2021 TCU vs UT game, Coach Kati Epps (Longhorn fan), and I (avid TCU fan and bleed purple) share this recipe from Rock Sound Rum to kick off our season! …

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

with Coach Kati Epps and Austin Fit Magazine I love, love, love spice!  The flavors in this healthy and oh so delicious recipe created by Coach Kati Epps with @mybodygx in Austin is proof you don’t have to sacrifice flavor for healthy food options.  I love the fiery flavor of…

Hearty Game Day Salad

I recall of the times my parents reminded me to eat my greens; let’s mimic on game day!  Most tailgates menu selections you will certainly find meats, breads, and cheeses, but rarely anything green (unless your team colors are green…we see you Baylor Bears).  A Hearty Game Day Salad drizzled…

Blueberry Smash

So refreshing, slightly sweet, a bit of tart, the perfect amount of your favorite vodka…FABULOUS!  The Blueberry Smash is the perfect cocktail for game day or any day.  Antioxidant packed blueberries, one of my very favorites, is certainly the star of this cocktail show.  This recipe bursts with flavor; muddled blueberries,…

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