Spring Closet Transitioning


Spring Closet Transitioning

The thought of closet transitioning and organization can be a daunting and overwhelming experience.  I truly feel I am organized but when it comes to seasonal switch out, I have to admit, I feel overwhelmed and admittedly, I procrastinate.  

I met Nikki Farris with Simplify Your Space a few years ago when she helped us move from our condo in Fort Worth to a new home.  When I met her, I thought to myself, what a delicate, beautiful person, inside and out!  I fell in love with her instantly and we were fast friends!  Nikki helps me transition my closet between seasons. This is a great way to maximize space, see what you have, remind you of pieces you may have forgotten about, and allows you to purge from items you no longer love or need.  

Nikki has a talent for gently helping me purge, which I love and need!!  Do I really NEED a pair of purple patent pumps that have never been worn?  Sorting through so many white t-shirts with stains…how many white t-shirts does a person really need?  Each time we transition, I get a bit braver and purge more; it’s necessary.  Nikki, often shares, when donating, we are making someone so happy.



Tips on Transitioning Your Closet Each Season

~If you haven’t worn clothing items in 2 years, you may want to reevaluate and consider handing down, selling, consigning or donating to charity.  Check for stains or items in need of alterations.  

~When organizing, categorize and group blouses, skirts, dresses, jackets, pants together and organize by color.  This makes it much easier to pull together outfits if everything is in color order.

~Fold heavy items that take up closet space such as jeans, sweaters, and workout clothes. Place items on shelves in your closet or in drawers if you use less often. Sweaters last longer if you store them in plastic bags which helps protect them from moths.

~It is a commitment, but, take all dry-cleaned items out of the bag and off the wire hanger. Hang all clothes on the same type of hangers, such as wood or plastic. I love Joy Hangers.  Recycle wire hangers and bags by returning to your dry cleaner so they can be reused.

~Store your accessories by category.  Handbags stored on shelves for display, clutches in clear bins if necessary.  I love scarves on scarf hangers.  Hanging hooks work well for items such as belts or larger totes.  I love using a storage display box for belts.  

~Use garment bags for items not often used such as evening attire, jackets, or suits and have furs professionally stored.

~I like removing shoes from their original shoe boxes and store on shoe racks or clear bins designed for shoes.  This keeps them in sight so that you will know what you have.  Organize shoes by category and season so that spring and summer are in one area, while fall and winter shoes are in another.  

~If you have limited space in your closet, store out of season clothing in another closet or space in your home, and rotate your closet each season.

~Work on your closet organization daily as it is so easy to return to an unorganized state all over again! An organized closet will save you time and money!

I love when there is a place for everything.  Closet switch out, I simply love the feeling when complete!

Simplify Your Space

Helping you find the right place for everything.

Nikki R. Farris

Phone: 817-996-2097

Email: nikki@simplifyyourspacetx.com

  1. Nikki Farris says:

    I am honored by your kind words, Tiffy! You are an absolute pleasure to work with and for, my friend.

    • Tiffany says:

      Oh precious Nikki, you are such a treasured and talented friend! Thank you so much for being in my life. You make life so much easier!! xoxo

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