Roasting Essentials for the Perfect Turkey

As we move into November, I begin thinking about the holidays and Thanksgiving preparations. So many of you asked and I am so excited to share my very roasting tools I cannot live without and how to choose the perfect roasting pan for your holiday turkey! There are SO many options including; size, shape, walls, metal choices, etc. I search for sales and snag, even if not in season, as you do not want to scrimp on pots, pans and roasters. These are investment pieces so navigate your favorite brands, watch for sales and I am always here if you have ANY questions! Enjoy!! 

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Top Three tips for selecting the perfect roasting pan:


Select a roaster that fits your oven and easily holds your turkey, plus any veggies you are planning to add to your menu.  Will you cook a whole turkey or just the breast?  Turkeys range from 5 to 20+ pounds, so make sure your roaster is large enough. 


Straight sides offer extra roasting room; flared sides provide more exposure to heat.  I prefer straight sides for roasting large protein selections.  I like a roaster with flared sides for vegetables.  Just a choice. 


Racks help ensure even heating and make it easy to collect drippings for tasty gravy.  Make sure the rack fits your roasting pan as typically pans do not come with racks.  Racks are not 100% necessary, but I love the entire turkey or roast to have a crispy outside with juices sealed inside. 

When searching, you will find a curated assortment of roasting pans which include the ideal shapes, sizes, fabrications and racks for every level of culinarian. You will find metals that include hammered copper, enameled cast-iron to the extremely versatile stainless-steel as well as nonstick versions.

Must haves for Thanksgiving roasting:

Roasting Pan

This is the actual pan I have had for YEARS and it’s on sale now!

Synthetic Cutting Boards

I have a variety of cutting boards and am so picky when it comes to kitchen sanitation! I have multiple sizes and love the groove or trough surrounding to catch juices. I use a variety of sizes to prevent cross contamination. No-slip gripping on the back is essential!

Wet or Dry Brining

Brining is a classic way to ensure a tender, succulent bird with complex layers of flavor.  Use your own fabulous recipe or try these brining essentials.

Brining Kit

Dry Brining

Bringing Bags

Gravy Separator

Turkey Baster

Meat Thermometer

Oven Roasting Thermometer

Trussing String/Twine

Carving Board

Carving Set

I love Shun knives….I just prefer over any other brand!! Snag these now…they are on sale!!!

Serving Platter


Thanksgiving Bundle

What a deal!!!! Essentials bundled together!

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