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I started My So-Called Fabulous with the idea of sharing my life experiences with the world.  Relationships, health, fitness, culinary arts, and all of the other things that make up this beautiful thing we call life.  Some of my experiences were successful and some, not quite as successful.  I often learn more from my difficult times than good times.  

My intention of sharing the life stories of myself and of others is to help guide and remind listeners that they are not alone.  All of our stories are unique and it’s comforting to know there’s a place to go for guidance and assistance.  We have all been through good and bad, let’s share and help each other.  My goal is to serve as a light and offer the best friend conversation you never knew you were missing.  

With My So-Called Fabulous, I have had the opportunity of meeting people, sharing their knowledge, talent, and expertise with my listeners. That has been a win, win as I have had the most FABULOUS guests on my show!  Oh the things I/we have learned!!  

Episode after episode we have made an impact and have taken on some of the hardest events that have happened locally and across the country, head on.  We have had tough conversations that needed and still need to be had.  

My So-Called Fabulous is a safe place for new friends, old friends, and a platform to shine a light on some of the most amazing people, and their amazing stories.  

Wherever and however you listen, My So-Called Fabulous will have you laughing, sometimes crying, and hopefully inspired to make your own and others’ day more fabulous than it was before.  I am so excited to announce the next season of My So-Called Fabulous, where we will continue to share, educate, motivate, encourage, and hopefully inspire.  

If you are interested in advertising opportunities, or would like to be a guest on My So-Called Fabulous Podcast, please contact

I am Tiffany Blackmon and This Is My So Called Fabulous, coming to you weekly with new episodes. 
Keep Being Fabulous Friends!



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