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My typical morning routine!

It’s officially the new year, and so many of us are looking for ways to improve our day to day! In my opinion, how you start your morning truly sets the tone for the day ahead. I’ve found myself happier and healthier when I stick to a consistent morning routine. Over the years, I’ve nailed my typical morning routine; balancing productivity with moments of self care and rest. Below is what an average and ideal morning in my life looks like, along with the items that help my mornings run smoothly!

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After my alarm goes off at 5AM, I take a minute to meditate and pray before heading to the bathroom. I take out and clean my retainer, brush my teeth and STRETCH! It’s so important for me to loosen up first thing in the morning. I do scroll through Instagram a bit, responding to comments and DM’s. Then I get dressed for the gym and immediately start drinking water with lemon out of my LARQ pitcher.


A little bit before 6AM, I throw on my sneakers or pilates socks and head to get my workout in! Whether it’s strength training or pilates, I always feel so much better physically and mentally when I begin the day with movement. My routine has changed over the years but starting my weekdays with a workout has been a constant for as long as I can remember. 

Strength Training

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I’m driving to the gym for strength training and a bit of cardo. Usually I am wearing my favorite Lululemon leggings, NOBULL sneakers, and a Lulu Define Jacket


On Tuesdays and Thursdays I take a virtual Pilates class from home. While the workout and activewear varies a bit, these socks and this pilates ring are used consistently!


Ah, one of my favorite parts of the morning! After my workout, I make my coffee and sit down to answer emails, prioritize my to-do list, etc. It’s an added bonus if the house is still quiet! Once our dog LaLa wakes up, I’ll give her morning affirmations and take her for a walk. Then I’ll make breakfast for myself, my husband, and our puppy!


A daily must for me is making my bed! Typically Greg and LaLa are still snoozing when I am up for the gym, so I wait until I’m back to make it! Then it’s time to shower and begin my beauty routine. If I’m heading to the podcast studio to record, I’ll do a full face of glam and hair. For days I’m staying at home, I’ll shower and moisturize, do my skincare (my favorites linked below), and then get back into some form of activewear! See more of my beauty favorites on this blog post


At this point, meetings for the day have started! I’m answering brand emails, responding to you all, and planning future content. I love this part of my day and truly enjoy spending time sharing my life with you all!


Around this time I switch from coffee to decaf iced tea, and grab a snack! My go-to’s are nuts or my favorite beef jerky. Stepping away from my laptop and taking a deep breath helps keep my stress levels low and is a much needed reprieve! Then, back to work!


Aside from Fridays, we always make lunch at home! Typically crockpot chicken and A Dozen Cousins rice, a turkey sandwich on gluten free bread, or leftover ground beef repurposed in some way! I have to have protein throughout the day, and will rarely pass up an opportunity to incorporate it in my diet!

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