Lucy Mae Soap Co. Holiday Bundle Gift Set

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Top | Pants | Holiday Bundle Gift Set

I absolutely love laundry day. I do all of my laundry on Saturdays, making a week’s worth of laundry a day-long affair. There is something about laundry that is therapeutic for me… the gathering, the sorting, the folding, all brings me so much joy! 

Throughout the years multiple friends and family members have asked which laundry detergent I use. Upon researching detergents I was using, I realized that the ingredients are rather unsafe. SO many harsh chemicals… yikes! I have always been very particular about what I consume, and I didn’t even realize that the laundry products I was using were harmful and toxic. Upon this realization, I was officially on the hunt for a safe, non-toxic, and affordable laundry detergent. 

Top | Pants | Holiday Bundle Gift Set

I placed my first order with Lucy Mae Soap Co. in May of 2021 and haven’t looked back! Lucy Mae Soap Co is a female-owned small business, owned by Kaylyn Ramos, a mother of four working from home!

Like myself, Kaylyn was concerned with the harsh chemicals found in most laundry products. Wanting better for her home and her family, she started creating clean products out of her kitchen. Kaylyn has been inspired to create safe, affordable products, and is committed to helping others transform their homes to avoid non-toxic items. 

Top | Pants | Holiday Bundle Gift Set

Lucy Mae Soap Co. offers products with captivating scents, minimalist designs, and the very best ingredients. Everything is handmade from start to finish, prioritizing the health and well being of customers above everything. 

I have probably tried every scent she offers, and it’s so difficult to narrow down my favorites to just one! Each scent has its own character and personality, and I love them all for a variety of reasons. I believe fragrance is such a personal choice and preference, and Lucy Mae Soap Co. offers a scent for everyone! 

Top | Pants | Holiday Bundle Gift Set

I am excited and honored to introduce the Tiffany Blackmon Holiday Bundle by Lucy Mae Soap Co. Included in this bundle is: 

  • (1) Full-Size 32-ounce laundry detergent with your choice of one of my top three fragrance selections.
  • (3) Dryer Balls
  • (1) 4oz. Dryer Ball/Linen Spray

Top | Pants | Holiday Bundle Gift Set

I have selected three of my favorite Lucy Mae Soap Co. scents, which you can choose from to create your holiday bundle! Cashmere, Linen, and Wood Sage & Sea Salt… all such FABULOUS scents! This bundle is truly THE perfect holiday gift for anyone, and is 15% off using code BUNDLE15. Give the gift of Lucy Mae Soap Co. and non-toxic products this holiday season! Click HERE to shop my bundle!

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