Life by Design with Michele Gooch


Discover you dream. Develop a strategy. Determine your future.

Meet Michele Gooch, retired pastor with over 20 years of experience in all facets of leadership development, who is known for building inspirational communities and personal growth. Michele coaches professionals who find themselves in the middle of planned or unexpected transition to reduce stress and disruption and increase satisfaction in their changing season. She works with individuals and teams who are cultivating a higher, move challenging goal of becoming people of purpose and gratitude. Coaching is the most popular tool that successful people use to live outstanding lives. The best musicians have vocal coaches, winning athletes train with coaches. Truly successful people know when to seek professional coaching. Life coaches work with client to prepare them for success, helping clients to identify what they want personally and professionally, and supporting them in achieving a life they love. Working with a coach offers a path to balance, joyful and invigorating life by developing focus and encouraging action in every area of your life.


Why life coaching?

  • Have you just needed a fresh perspective for both your personal and professional goals?

  • Learn how to fully maximize your skills and talents.

  • Find the best environment for your communication style.

  • Get the push you need to identify and overcome obstacles.

  • Gain insight from a fresh perspective.

  • Build a strategy to achieve your goals.

  • Engage your community with confidence

  • Become an even more successful leader.

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