Tiffy’s Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich

I truly dream about this every year and “almost” look forward to it as much as the Thanksgiving meal itself.  It is nothing special, but I love a leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich! As a child, I remember my mother making sure we had Mrs. Baird’s white sandwich bread on hand as Thanksgiving evening would be leftover turkey sandwich time. We all had our preferences of condiments, but I like to layer all of them! Lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, cheese, mayonnaise and mustard! Later in life, I started adding a smear of cranberry sauce and yum!

I am trained in flavors and flavor profiling BUT some of the ingredient combinations you just have to go with as they are not “traditionally” a pairing. In this instance, I say…eat what you like! I try to avoid gluten but THIS day? Nope! There are so many leftover recipes to explore but I will just keep it simple this year! Enjoy! 


Tiffy’s Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich

My VERY Favorite Thanksgiving Leftover

Serves: 1 (Me!)


Wheat bread


Turkey breast

Red leaf lettuce

Cranberry sauce

Red onion




Dill pickle

Dijon mustard

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