Healthy Snacking: Bento Boxes

Snacks that are Easy, Protein Rich, & Oh So Good! 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has always been important to me. In addition to working out and staying active, I’ve found maintaining a balanced diet allows me to feel and perform my best. I strive to eat three nutritious meals and two snacks throughout the day. My goal is to create healthy snack options that keep me fulfilled in between meals.  To create an effective snacking system, I worked with my precious friend, my former fitness coach, nutritionist and founder of MyBody GX, Kati Epps. In searching for simple snacks that are diverse, tasty, and protein-packed we developed a variety of bento boxes. Packed with nutritious ingredients, bento box recipes will inspire you to create visually appealing and delicious snacks or even meals. These compact and customizable meals are perfect for on-the-go nourishment. We designed the below combinations to avoid the extra step of heating up your snack… just open the box and dig in! Below are a few things I like to keep in mind when creating a bento box snack or lunch. 

Keep in mind…

  • Nutritional Balance is Key. Whether you’re making a snack or lunch, the goal is to create a healthy, balanced meal. I try to hit at least three of the major food groups… fruits, vegetables, protein, then adding in a moderate amount of carbs. To get a perfect and precise measurement, I like to use this food scale
  • Think Packable Foods. The beauty of bento boxes is their convenience… if you assemble correctly, you won’t have to heat anything and the food is already portioned. Snacks can include all types of fruits, freshly chopped vegetables, dips, nuts and seeds, or energy balls. 
  • Prioritize Presentation. There is nothing like an aesthetically pleasing snack or meal… get creative with colors and textures! I’ve separated my bento boxes by food group… nestling colorful fruits in one compartment, fresh veggies in another, and so on.
    • I’m using this 4 Compartment Container, but there are so many fabulous options available here! The containers I’ve linked are compact, BPA free, and microwave safe. 
  • Adapt for Kids. This is such a great template that you could adapt for children’s lunches and snacks for school, daycare, or summer camp. Depending on how adventurous of an eater your child is, swap out any ingredient below with one of their favorite snacks.

When creating these recipes, I wanted to create snacks that are similar to the Starbucks Bento Boxes. The inspiration was a bit too high in fat and calories for a quick snack, so we adjusted. Here are a few ideas for protein-rich snacks that will hit the spot!

The Tiffy Goat Cheese Delight Snack:

12 Mary’s Gone Crackers (Everything Seasoning)

1 Hard Boiled Egg

½ oz Goat Cheese

½ cup Blueberries

302 Calories, 28.9 C, 14.9 F, 13.8 P

Pear/Cheddar Snack:

1 oz Raw Cheddar Cheese

1 Hard Boiled Egg

1 Medium Pear, Sliced

6 Rosemary and Sea Salt Crostini

330 Calories, 33.8 C, 15.7 F, 15.6 P

Low Carb Protein Snack:

½ Orange Bell Pepper, Sliced

½ Medium Carrot, Cut in sticks (or about 6 baby carrots)

½ cup Cucumber Discs

2 TBSP Hummus 

10 Almonds

2 oz Deli Turkey slices, rolled and pinned

225 Calories, 15 C, 12.3 F, 16.7 P

Apple/Peanut Butter Protein Box

1/2 Medium Apple, Sliced

1 TBSP Peanut butter

1 oz Havarti Dill Cheese

6 Bruschettini Virgin Olive Oil 

311 Calories, 24.5 C, 19.6 F, 12.2 P

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