Finding Your Spring Fragrance with The Harmonist

Guiding Light by The Harmonist #theharmonist #fragrances #yinyang

Fragrance selection is so personal, so individualized, and in my opinion, dependent on your personality. When shopping for a fragrance I am often overwhelmed by the large number of options. After trying multiple fragrances, the scent begins to seemingly become the same for all, with the differences running together. Oftentimes, I end up leaving with nothing and so discouraged. Having so many options and such little time to decide which scent is perfect for me has led me to stick with the fragrances I’ve used for years. Recently, I discovered The Harmonist. What initially attracted me to The Harmonist was their Discovery Kit, which offers the opportunity to experience all ten fragrances in their Element Collection. I was immediately interested! 

The Harmonist Discovery Set #theharmonist #fragrances #yinyang
The Harmonist Discovery Set #theharmonist #fragrances #yinyang

The Discovery Kit personalizes the selection process, allowing you to explore all fragrances on your own time, in the privacy of your own home, and select the one that suits you the best. Additionally, the Discovery Set was created to blend and layer the scents, allowing you to find and create your own perfect fragrance balance. The Discovery Set consists of all ten fragrances from the Yin and Yang collection. Among these ten fragrances are fabulous scents with individual meanings and inspirations. As part of your fragrance exploration, I encourage the layering of the scents, which were created to blend harmoniously and help you find the perfect balance. So far, my very favorite fragrance is Guiding Water, which comes from the Yin Collection. Guiding Water is described as a subtle fragrance that evokes the morning dew. I am in the process of layering from both the Yin and Yang to discover, create and blend harmoniously a perfect balance of fragrance.

The Harmonist Guiding Water Fragrance Spring Fragrances from The Harmonist #theharmonist #fragrances #yinyang

Beyond the fabulous scents and quality of fragrance, The Harmonist vessels are a work of art. Enclosed in an elegant cylinder made from textured card stock, a clean tactile expression that unifies the brand’s fragrances. The vessels are truly stunning. Further, the packaging is a reflection of The Harmonist’s ongoing commitment to the environment. All internal plastic has been eliminated from the packaging, meaning it is now 100% recyclable-a first within the luxury perfume industry. The attention to detail that goes into every element of The Harmonist is what makes this such a fabulous purchase. 

Spring Fragrances from The Harmonist #theharmonist #fragrances #yinyang

The Harmonist uses the finest, most beautiful, natural ingredients in their scents. All of these beautiful raw materials are from ethical sources and 100% natural, the best quality, stable each year, traceable, and sourcing biotechnique certified organic. The Harmonist also uses the highest concentration of ingredients. Some scents in the collection are up to 36% concentration, while the rest of the market is around 25%. Fabulous!!!

Spring Fragrances from The Harmonist #theharmonist #fragrances #yinyang

More Fragrances from The Harmonist:

Try out the Discovery Set and let me know which fragrance you can’t get enough of!!

Spring Fragrances from The Harmonist #theharmonist #fragrances #yinyang

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  1. Lauren says:

    Thank you 🙏you are so amazing and I can’t tell you how beautifully you represent the brand
    Many thanks

    • Thank you so much Lauren! I so happy my love for this fragrance and The Harmonist shows at this is truly my new favorite and go to! I was so ready for a new scent to add to my collection and Guiding Water is perfect! Love I can layer scents in The Discovery Kit and create my very own fragrance! Thank you again!

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