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Health and Skin Benefits of Collagen #womenshealth #beauty #skincare #healthyliving #collagen

It seems collagen (or lack of) seems to be the buzz lately.  Do you know what collagen is and the benefits it offers to our skin?  Given it’s such a popular topic, I think we should discuss and understand why it’s so important for healthy looking and feeling skin.  Unfortunately, as we age our collagen production decreases.  

Collagen is a protein that is naturally created by our bodies.  Collagen is found in our skin, teeth, ligaments, blood vessels, and bones.  Collagen helps our organs function, our bodies ability to naturally heal, and is critical for healthy skin.  So, what is it about collagen that creates healthy skin?  It gives elasticity and strength, which are both necessary for a youthful appearance to our skin… playing a key role when old skin sheds and is then replaced by new. 

As I mentioned above, our natural collagen production decreases with age.  For myself (and most people), collagen production begins to slow down around the age of 40.  When I turned 40 I began to notice fine lines and wrinkles, dull skin, decreased elasticity, sagging skin, and dry patches… UGH!

This all begs the question… how can we boost our collagen levels.?  I have tried many, many products, injections, procedures.  Seriously, you name it… I’ve tried it!  Some have been successful… some have not been.  Given the importance of collagen, I will continue to try different methods and products to increase my collagen levels, and I hope I can help you do the same!  I have listed a few things I have done through the guidance of Kelly Walla at Westlake Dermatology and Dr. Laura Riehm at Skin Deep Laser MD.  They are both incredibly talented, educated, and experienced, which is why I trust them immensely when it comes to my anti-aging health. 

Benefits of Boosting Your Collagen #healthyliving #womenshealth #beauty #skincare #wellness #collagen

How to boost your collagen…

Now I’m sure you’re wondering how to boost collagen when our body slows it’s production.  Using both Westlake Dermatology and Skin Deep Laser’s websites, I’m listing some of the collagen-boosting methods the professionals have suggested.  I am by no means a professional, however these two websites offer a wealth of information that I want to share with you!  As mentioned above, I trust Dr. Laura Riehm and Kelly Walla with my anti-aging health, and could not recommend them enough!  

  • Collagen injections replenish the skin’s natural collagen levels; giving the skin a plumper and firmer appearance.
  • Hyaluronic Acid is a substance naturally made by the body that gives skin volume. Hyaluronic Acid based dermal fillerslike Restylane, Juvederm (I love!), and Voluma work to attract and bind water; boosting fullness between the collagen and elastic fibers of the skin.  I use Sculptra, a poly-L-Lactic acid filler and have been incredibly pleased.  I started using this product in my 50’s.
  • Radiofrequency Treatments: radiofrequency treatments that stimulate your natural production of collagen to enhance skin firmness and strength. Diminished collagen production as you age leads to smile lines, loose skin, and wrinkling.
  • Fat tissue can be harvested from the patient’s own body and injected into the skin to provide collagen-like benefits.
  • Skincare products containing synthetic or animal collagen instantly add elasticity to the skin.
  • Amino acids like glycine work to boost collagen synthesis. Some cosmetic products are made with high grade amino acids that can have profound effects on the skin.
  • Polypeptides are even more powerful than regular amino acids. Polypeptides are chains of bonded amino acids that are also found in some over-the-counter skin care products.
  • A precursor (forerunner) of collagen, pre collagen is a naturally forming protein that works to boost collagen production.
  • Retinol and Retinoids stimulate collagen production while thickening the deep layers of the skin. 
  • Skin Care Products that have been shown to help boost collagen over time.
Benefits of Boosting Your Collagen #healthyliving #womenshealth #beauty #skincare #wellness #collagen

What I have tried…

I have tried multiple collagen producing products of varying price points.  I have linked my favorites.  

  • Pellevé® skin tightening, I absolutely love the results of this amazing laser treatment.  
  • Sculptra, by far my favorite injection for collagen production.  
  • Retinol and Retinoids are certainly in my skin care regime.  I try to use different brands and am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest!  
Skincare Benefits of Collagen #healthyliving #womenshealth #beauty #lifestyle #skincare #wellness #collagen

Change your lifestyle

You can certainly make lifestyle changes to help preserve your collagen. 

  • Managing Stress 
  • Exercise
  • Sun Protection 
  • A diet filled with Vitamin C
Skincare Benefits of Collagen #healthyliving #womenshealth #beauty #lifestyle #skincare #wellness #collagen

I have learned so much about my anti-aging health in the last few years and boosting collagen in my daily life is a key aspect to staying healthy and FABULOUS! I would love to hear if and how you boost your collagen in the comments below!


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Collagen 101 #womenshealth #beauty #skincare #healthyliving #collagen

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