Celebrating the 100th Episode of My So-Called Fabulous Podcast

As I write this blog blurb I truly am overwhelmed with a sense of pride and accomplishment.  When we started my podcast, My So-Called Fabulous I knew it would be a learning curve for me at the very least.  The on-camera, on-air piece was easy peasy as I have done the for years, my entire career. That is my comfort zone. 

My so called fabulous Tiffany Blackmon on set of podcast

What I knew would be a challenge was to understand the why, the how, the technology and the social media aspect!  I wasn’t wrong.  Add to the mix we began in January of 2020, eyes filled with excitement, curiosity…… then our world was frozen with a national pandemic in which we still live.

Although, not easy, every, single Tuesday we released and published a podcast. 

Tiffany Blackmon in studio for new season of podcast

We had to be very creative as we certainly couldn’t  have guests in-studio during the shut down.  Creative with production, and delicate with issues the world was/is facing. We did it!! 

We are surviving and may I say…a bit of thriving as we now move into the triple digits past our second year, 100th episode, 100 plus guests, and over 40 amazing businesses represented.

Every week we share knowledge, information, wellness, therapy, coaching, skills, passions, love, laughter, tears and so much more!  For a glimpse of My So-Called Fabulous podcast, watch here.

Studio set of My So Called Fabulous Life with Tiffany Blackmon

Thank you all! Thank you for those of you have had your loving hand in this podcast.  Your time, talent, and tireless efforts will never go unnoticed.  Your words, your rates, reviews, comments simply make my day.  I am one proud gal!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. 

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