In September, my daughter and I had the opportunity to travel to Montana and spend four fabulous days at the green o resort. We have never traveled to Montana, therefore, we truly had no idea what to expect. There are simply no words to describe how incredible our experience was at the green o. The […]

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The Green O | A Fabulous Montana Getaway

October 6, 2022

We love spending time during the holidays at our home away from home in Cabo, which is our paradise…especially during the winter months.  I thought this would be a perfect time to re-share my blog featuring our little slice of heaven.  I cannot adequately describe the features that make Las Ventanas so incredibly special.  The […]

Holiday Paradise in Cabo

traveling blog to Las Ventanas Cabo

January 6, 2022

As someone who loves to discover the culinary arts and explore new flavors and cooking methods, I was excited when I got the opportunity to learn local ingredients, authentic cooking equipment, how to make salsas, tacos, quesadillas, sopes and so much more!

Taco Academy At Las Ventanas Al Paraiso

January 5, 2022

Come see why we fell in love with Las Ventanas al Paraíso, Rosewood Property over 12 years ago!


Couples Retreat- Our Very Favorite Happy Place

June 11, 2021

As we peek into the possibility of safely traveling, we are also back to the dreaded packing process… my least favorite part of any trip! My daughter and I both have a habit of overpacking, which is less than ideal when confined to relatively limited luggage space. However, with the correct checklist, luggage, and packing techniques, the packing process can be made much easier.

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Keeping Travel Simple and Efficient

May 28, 2021

When traveling via airplane, it’s best to come prepared for any and everything. Whether it’s having to sprint across terminals to catch a flight or hours-long layovers, airline travel has a lot of potential for unexpected hassles. Dressing with those possibilities in mind can add a soothing level of comfort to what is a rather uncomfortable situation

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Travel Wear + Carry-On Necessities

May 27, 2021

 A Look InTo Tiffany C. Blackmon a lifestyle  Blog