When traveling via airplane, it’s best to come prepared for any and everything. Whether it’s having to sprint across terminals to catch a flight or hours-long layovers, airline travel has a lot of potential for unexpected hassles. Dressing with those possibilities in mind can add a soothing level of comfort to what is a rather uncomfortable situation

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Travel Wear + Carry-On Necessities

May 27, 2021

2020 put a HUGE block in my plans to celebrate my fabulous baby sister, Jill’s 50th! We had dreams and plans to celebrate with hundreds of her family, friends and colleagues then whisk her off to our happy place in Cabo at Las Ventana al Paraíso. However due to Covid, the search was on to find […]

The Villas at La Cantera Resort and Spa

October 19, 2020

Why do we love Las Ventanas al Paraíso in Cabo San Lucas? Let me begin counting the ways. I will share with you throughout this blog and the years as to why this place is so precious to my heart. March 2020 we purchased our slice of paradise, precisely when the country began shutting down […]

Home Away from Home in Cabo

July 30, 2020

Rock Shrimp photo via Pacific Table. Best Restaurant Pacific Table  Pacific Table, our neighborhood “Cheers”, has something for everyone!  Chef Felipe Armenta’s eclectic mix of modern, Pacific Northwest cuisine rooted in classical technique, the food is simply flawless!  General Manager, Charisse Henry and her amazing staff are always welcoming and on point!  My favorite dish […]

My Fort Worth, TX Favorites

July 23, 2020

It’s been a while since I have traveled by air but this weekend we are heading to our home in Cabo so I wanted to share what I wear when I travel. Due to Covid, we are taking extreme precautions and following the CDC, airlines, government guidelines and of course, common sense. When traveling, I make sure […]

What I Wear When I Travel

July 20, 2020

Image via VRBO As we close the school year and prepare for summer, each year my husband Greg and I celebrate our wedding anniversary in Cabo with our family. Unfortunately, this year’s plans had to change due to our worldwide pandemic. We typically have approximately 20 family members travel to our happy place, Las Ventanas al […]

“Cabo in Texas” at Escondido Chateau | Travel Feature

July 9, 2020

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