What’s in my Gifting Closet

Gifting Closet, Gifs for him, gifts for her, gifting ideas

How many times have you found yourself racing around at the very last minute to find the perfect gift for someone? Years ago I said no more to this last minute task and created what I fondly call my gift closet. I curated a “closet” or area of my home that holds a selection of gift items. Hostess gifts, baby gifts, welcome gifts, or “just because” gifts. Birthday cards, occasion cards, gift inserts, tags, ribbon, paper, tissue can also be found in my gift closet. I have several gift items of varying price points that I collect throughout the year. When shopping, I may find a “too good to be true” item, sale item, or items I love and purchase in bulk. In my gift closet I keep little gifts, cards, gift wrap, and other gift-giving supplies… perfectly preparing you for a birthday dinner, housewarming, or dinner with out of town friends. The idea of the gift closet is to purchase gifts and gift wrapping supplies year-round to save for when you need to give a gift. Purchasing gifts when prices are lower (after holidays, on sale racks, etc.) saves money, time and stress when a birthday, housewarming party, or holiday season comes around. 

Gifting Closet, Gifs for him, gifts for her, gifting ideas

Your gift closet can be as methodical as you would prefer. A great place to begin is to determine the different gifting occasions. Teacher appreciation day, Galentine’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries.  Many of the gifts I keep on hand can obviously be given for many different events or occasions. When shopping, be mindful of gift giving and how perfect a particular “find” may be at a later date. 

I hope you all found these items helpful and as always keep being fabulous!!

Gifting Closet, Gifs for him, gifts for her, gifting ideas

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