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My Packing Guide for Vacation!

The flights are booked, reservations are made, and vacation is planned, it’s now onto the final step… packing! As much as I love to travel, packing is probably my least favorite. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or new to jet-setting, packing for vacation can be stressful! With spring break coming up and summer travel on the horizon, I’m sharing my guide to packing for vacation! I am sharing tips and tricks I’ve learned throughout the years and packing essentials I swear by. I’ve found having a basic list of travel items and organizational tools makes it easier to pack… simply add and remove items according to your location. Whether you’re spending spring break beachside or on the slopes, these must-have items will help you pack efficiently and seamlessly.

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Tiffy’s Tips

I traveled often throughout my professional career… which allowed me to acquire a long list of travel and packing tips that have rarely steered me wrong. I hope these travel tips and holy grail items help you as much as they’ve helped me! 

Play It Safe

Avoid the potential heartache and headache of losing valuables in a checked bag by packing them in your carry-on bag. I always play it safe by carrying my jewelry and medications with me using a lightweight jewelry organizer and weekly pill organizer

Jewelry: Avoid The Valuables

While on the topic of jewelry, I HIGHLY recommend packing pieces that are:

  1. Not of Great Value: This means both monetary and emotional value. Avoid packing pieces you would be heartbroken to lose. I’ve started using this wedding ring from Amazon to replace my ring during travel. It’s under $45 and doesn’t hold the sentimental value of my real ring!
  2. Versatile: Save on space by packing items that can be worn with multiple outfits such as gold studs

Carry-On: Keep It Light

I try to keep my carry-on packing list pretty light, especially on long travel days. However there are a few items that always make it into my carry-on… travel size lotion, hand sanitizer, mini brush, my tech organizer case, and a portable charger! I use a clear bag to organize smaller goods such as chapstick, hair ties, etc. Honorable mention for a wrap to keep you warm on the plane. 

Utilizing Available Space

Create extra room in your suitcase by investing in vacuum-seal bags (great for compressing bulky clothing) or packing cubes. I take pictures of each outfit and pack them in the same cube for added ease when getting ready. Pssst… throw an Apple AirTag in your checked luggage for added peace of mind.

Refresh and Repurpose

There’s no shame in repeating an outfit or article of clothing when on vacation. Nestle this natural fragrance bag in your suitcase to keep your wardrobe fresh, and bring a fabric freshener to spray gently worn items! If you still have room to spare, I love this travel steamer

Last Minute Stops

The phrase “don’t go to the grocery store when you’re hungry” also applies to shopping for trips the day before you leave. I’ve panic-purchased in the days before a trip way too many times… you walk in for one thing and walk out with ten (lol). I now avoid this by ordering online and selecting curbside pickup. I’m able to get just what I need! My favorite retailers for this: Walmart, The Container Store, Ulta, Sephora, Target, and Dillard’s.

Luggage You Love

Finding the perfect luggage can make or break your packing experience. I’ve used and loved TUMI for years, but luggage is such a personal preference. If you’re looking to refresh your luggage, I’ve heard great things about the following retailers: Briggs & Riley (my daughter loves this one), Away, Beis, Samsonite, Paravel. More great options at Nordstrom Rack

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