Tony Green and Henry Abuto On The Same Page Podcast

Meet two of the most fabulous people I know, Tony Green and Henry Abuto!  These two long time besties will light up any room with their contagious laughter, incredible personalities and passion to help others.  I am thrilled to announce their new podcast, “Tony & Henry: On the Same Page”, a podcast about culture, life, and all things Tony and Henry.  

Whether it’s tackling politics, entertainment, or giving you their views via social commentary, you can count on these two to offer a new perspective as they get on the same page.  Tony and Henry create larger than life moments and memories out of even the most ordinary of situations.  Abuto, chef and founder of catering company ByWasonga, and Green, host of online talk show “Hello, I’m Tony Green” and the “Tony Green on the Scene” segment of NBC 5’s “Texas Today”, are truly the dynamic duo you can’t get enough of!

The show covers everything from arts and culture to local entrepreneurship and politics. Green shares that each episode rides on a recurring theme, to get “on the same page,” even on issues in he and Abuto don’t see eye to eye on.  Even among disagreements, the duo hopes to get on the same page, which is the foundation of their friendship and business partnership.  Abuto offers that “people always say ‘don’t work with friends’ or ‘don’t mix business with friends,’ but for me, if you have the right friends, then you can absolutely do this.”

Their podcast “Tony & Henry: On the Same Page”, will not only keep you informed, but keep you laughing along what feels like two of your new best friends.  Green and Abuto worked with Fort Worth studio Spaceway Productions to record the first episode, which is now streaming on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Audible, and other platforms. 

More information is available at

I am honored to welcome Tony & Henry as a guests on my podcast, My So-Called Fabulous, launching tomorrow! 

Keep Staying Fabulous Friends!

XO, Tiffany!


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