Tiffy’s 8 Week Challenge


I love setting goals and crave the feeling of accomplishment when a goal is complete. Hence, I set a lot of goals. My goals range from fitness, quality of life, family, business, mental development and maturity. Even silly goals of how accurately I can load a dishwasher to how fast and efficiently I can unload. Strange and unique but…that’s me. I decided to do an eight-week challenge that would encompass my food and fitness plan. Eight weeks was the perfect amount of time as my goal is to look and feel my best on June 11, our 10-year wedding anniversary. I know this plan and goal setting is not for everyone, but it works for me. So many of you asked a variety of questions and I thought I would share in my Instagram stories as well as my blog. When you read this blog, I will be in week five and over halfway there! I will continue to journey until complete! Enjoy!

Tiffy’s 8 Week Challenge Q&A

Which part of the challenge is the most difficult part for you?
With the craziness and business of life, the most difficult part for me is making time to meal prep
at the beginning of each week, typically on Sundays. However, meal prepping it such a great
way to eliminate excuses and hold myself accountable during the week.

Are you counting macros?
My normal meal consists of 350 calories
(3 meals + 2 snacks/day)
50% carbohydrates = 44 g
(Carbs are 4 cal/gram
25% fats – 10g
(Fats are 9 cal/gram)
25% protein – 22g
(Protein it 4 cal/gram)

Can you have wine?
Wine it off limits during this challenge. My doctor actually removed wine consumption
completely 8 months ago due to the excess sugar which leads to inflammation in my
body. I typically only drink vodka and tequila when not on my challenge. However, if I
have an event, my coach will write it in my meal plan to keep me on track.

Would you share your typical day of meals? Examples 5 meals a day?
My meal plan changes weekly, but here it a sample week.
Meal 1 Avocado Toast Breakfast Sandwich
Meal 2 Jerk Chicken with Pineapple Black Bean Salsa
Meal 3 Goat cheese, apple, rice crackers
Meal 4 Meatballs, marinara w/spaghetti squash, salad w/vinaigrette
Meal 5 Raspberries

Where can we read about your eating plan?
My food plan it designed by Kati Epps with @mybodygx. Kati creates my
food plan based on my goals. She uses my DNA test macro
recommendation as the foundation, then makes adjustments for my
training and time frame.

I am a vegan; can I still do your plan or something similar?
Absolutely! This plan can be customized for you, keeping in mind your
personal lifestyle, your preferences, and your goals.

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