Texi Boots, the Original Pink Sole


On a Sunday afternoon, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and stumbled upon a pair of amazingly unique and stunning boots. They were adorable, sexy, cute, and oh so fabulous all wrapped in a single boot design! I sent Texi Boots a direct message complimenting their design and beautiful feed and shared that I would LOVE to feature them on my site and BOOM! I heard back from them! Michelle Pitre, the owner of Texi Boots, shared her passion with me and a relationship was born. Michelle sent both my daughter Kennedy and me a pair to do a mother/daughter photoshoot and what a beautiful success! I also had the opportunity to feature Michelle as a guest on my podcast, My So-Called Fabulous, released tomorrow. What an amazing story of will and determination for women and men to manifest the life you want.  Michelle is a designer, dreamer, and founder of Texi Boots, the Original Pink Sole.  It was an honor meeting this young woman who supports entrepreneurs across the globe and will bring us together November 21st for the 2020 Heart and Sole Conference in Addison, Texas.  This conference is designed to break the barriers holding you back to making your dream business a profitable business!






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