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If you know me, you know one of my favorite elements of my home is having a signature scent.  I absolutely LOVE all things scents, candles, diffusers, and anything else that makes a home smell beautiful!  This past holiday season, I was blessed with the gift of Pura, and I am simply in love.  Pura’s technology offers a new level of consistency and ease to making your home smell fabulous!

Like many others, I associate scents with memories and locations… thus, when I walk into a home, store, or spa, I automatically connect that venue to the scent it offers.  Because of this, I love creating a warm and embracing scent in my home… which is made even easier through Pura.

Thankfully, some of my favorite scents are sold for Pura devices… so I am able to continue my “signature scent” Bamboo from NEST, with the ease of Pura.  Scent preferences are extremely personal, and ever evolving.  I must say, the fragrances I enjoyed in my 20’s are much different from my scents of today.  While Pura offers a multitude of fabulous scents, go with your gut and select the one that sounds like something you would love to smell!  Don’t forget to look at the different categories and fragrance types while you’re shopping to assist in narrowing it down and always read customer reviews!

Watch for new brand launches and scent drops to add to your subscription for the best deals on your favorite smells and remember that you get free shipping if you’re subscribed to two or more scents– not to mention because you and I are friends you will be getting an incredible discount!!


Pura Facts

~Lasts 10 times longer and fills 10 times more space than traditional air fresheners which saves money and time.  One Pura vial it approximately $12-$18. 

~Clean ingredients for your home.  Pura fragrances are clean and keep out all harmful chemicals, so you won’t need to worry about children or pets. 

~So many features.  You control Pura from your smartphone and have the ability to choose the scent intensity, change night colors, and create custom schedules.  

~ Subscribe to Fragrances to save 30% with front door delivery when you need it. 

My personal favorites are fragrances I have used for years but I am so excited to try new scents from fabulous designers. 

My VERY favorite fragrance. Hands down.  

NEST Bamboo 

CLICK HERE to shop + don’t forget to use code: TIFFANYBLACKMON for 15% off

ADORE this fragrance during the holidays

Thymes Frazier Fir 

CLICK HERE to shop + don’t forget to use code: TIFFANYBLACKMON for 15% off

Dying to try! 

LAFCO New York 

CLICK HERE to shop + don’t forget to use code: TIFFANYBLACKMON for 15% off

Dying to try!

VOTIVO- Clean Crisp White 

CLICK HERE to shop + don’t forget to use code: TIFFANYBLACKMON for 15% off

I hope you have a fabulous Friday and enjoy your weekend! Do any of you already use PURA?! I can’t wait to hear what scents you order. Oh! Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for weekly inspiration and even some amazing recipes. This weeks you will not want to miss out on!

Keep staying fabulous friends!

XO- Tiffany Blackmon

What’s the Buzz…

“Air freshener of the future.” 

“One of the coolest new home plug-in innovations.”

“This device will transport your home immediately.”

“Premium designer fragrances with clean ingredients.” 

“Smart and Sleek Fragrance Device”

“Personalized scheduling and geofencing features allow your ambiance to compliment your lifestyle and save your fragrance.”


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