Staci Danford | The Gratitude Expert


You know when you meet someone and you just click? It’s like you have known this person and have been friends FOREVER! That was my immediate connection when I met brainologist and gratitude expert, Staci Danford. Staci makes neuroscience FUN! How is that a thing you may ask?  Staci exudes energy, joy, laughter and positivity like I have never seen. Her infectious smile and west Texas roots brans her with a special charm that connects to the hearts and minds of audiences across the world.  As a former teacher of 25 years, Staci has the unique ability to teach and encourage people of any age and always finds a way to inspire them to be their best! 



Staci is the CEO and Founder of The Grateful Brain with a Master’s Degree in Mind, Brain and Education. This nationally recognized TEDx Speaker shares how to have a fabulous relationship with yourself, friends, significant other and family in a four-part podcast series, launching on My So-Called Fabulous tomorrow, where each week we will share insight, tools and advice on how to cultivate healthy relationships. I am so blessed to have this woman in my life and so excited to share her expertise and our friendship! 


Tiffany and Staci’s Podcast Series

How to Have Fabulous Relationships

Tuesday, October 13

Self- Love

Tuesday, October 20


Tuesday, October 27

Significant Other

Tuesday, November 3



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