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Social media amazes me in so many ways but more than anything…the friendships that are made! I recently had the distinct pleasure of meeting fashionista and styling guru, Bonnie Smith. For over 15 years, Bonnie has been shopping and styling with clients and loving every minute! She has incredible experience in all things fashion and knows the exact components to pull together a quality wardrobe. Bonnie lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where she offers specialized closet and styling service, all by the hour. 

Getting to know her, you understand it is her true passion to help clients build confidence in their look and maintain a stress-free closet space. What a blessing! Her goal is to put the “fun” in functional fashion. We all know, looking stylish and put together can increase confidence, decrease stress and make your entire day so much better.

Services Offered:

Closet Edit

Achieve fashion clarity with a mindful closet edit.  This service provides a thorough edit process, top to bottom, from an expert eye. You will be left a wardrobe that is selective, quality fitting, and has multi-functional style.

Personal Styling

The art of styling is by far the most fun service offered. When you schedule a personal styling session, you can expect to see creativity within your existing wardrobe.  Wow!! Bonnie will teach you ways to mix your pieces, select the best shoes, accessories, and overall develop your own unique style. 

Personal Shopping 

Save time and money with a quick personal shopping service. Bonnie will handpick pieces just for you, from a variety of stores. Shopping on a mission to only add things that reflect your look and serve your wardrobe needs.

Expert Packing for Travel 

My absolute least favorite thing to do is pack (and unpack) from travel.  Do you have an extended trip and tend to overpack? Have Bonnie pack for you!  This service includes outfit planning for each day of travel, pictures of your looks (for easy reference), and a guarantee that everything will fit nice and neat in your luggage.  Wow!!!  I AM IN!!  

Closet Moving 

Moving to a new place and want your wardrobe given personal attention? This is a turn-key solution to making sure all your pretty things are carefully moved and arranged in your new closet.

Closet Organization 

Everything has a place in your space! Closet organization will arrange everything in your wardrobe to not only look chic, but to fit your functionality. Maximizing your hanging, shelf, and storage space to make things easy to find and perfectly displayed.

  1. Edward Marx says:

    Fantastic article. I used Bonnie for my professional dress even during covid. I never have had other men make comments on my new style until now. I trusted Bonnie but I was still a little insecure since some of the colors and combos were totally new. But when all these men started validating my new look I gained more confidence. I can’t say enough about Bonnie!

    • Bonnie is absolutely incredible! Her eye for fashion and functionality is such a blessing, and truly has given my closet such a great upgrade. I love hearing your experience with her was the same… she is a gem!

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