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A look into our bedroom interiors!

Something I haven’t previously shared is the story of our home. We purchased our home in 2017 and did a major remodel to the interior and exterior prior to moving in. My husband and I truly fell in love with the house, but wanted to change a few things to make it feel more like “us”. I have always loved and had such a passion for interior design… so much that I often wish I would have turned that passion into a career. Every home and family is different, but for us the kitchen and primary bedroom are easily two of the most important rooms in our home. While I loved the interior design choices we made for each of these rooms in 2017, I was ready to refresh the interiors in both living spaces.

Last week on the blog I shared details of our kitchen interior refresh, this week I am sharing another recent refresh… our primary bedroom! I chose to keep the existing furniture and layout the same but selected new linens, art, and replaced the rug with a beautiful rug we had in storage from a previous home. As much as I loved the existing linens we had, they were 13 years old… making them a bit tired and in need of replacing. Similar to the kitchen refresh, our room needed a bit of vibrancy and a bit of color. I also added a few new accessory pieces, and a large bold piece of art which was my inspiration and focal point of the room. 


When selecting the color palette for our updated bedroom, I knew I wanted to keep the linens neutral with a structured, tailored feel. I added color in the art and accessories. I fell in love with this fabulous painting, and it quickly became the inspiration when making other selections. From the painting I pulled my color palette… neutrals, grays with subtle pops of deep purple, pink, gold, and chartreuse green. I moved around our existing accessories and selected a few new accessories from Wright at Home to really pull everything together. 


When selecting linens, I had my incredibly talented interior designer and precious friend Pam Flowers to assist with the look and feel. Pam has known me for years and knew without a doubt what to explore. We visited our friends at Wright At Home in Fort Worth and the selections were simply incredible. I chose a beautiful 100% cotton sateen from Bovi Graccoiza Linens. Solid white with a beautiful latte trim of delicate circles. I fell in love with the elegant look and superior feel of these linens… not to mention the intricate details of the trim. This bedding is exactly what I was looking for… crisp and timeless. 

Wright at Home

Though online shopping is the current way of the world, when it comes to interior design selections I prefer the traditional in-store shopping experience. It is so valuable to see, feel, and experience an item before it earns a place in your home and family for years to come. Wright at Home has been my go-to store for home furnishings and design for years, so they were the obvious first stop when beginning my bedroom refresh. Adrian and Leah with Wright at Home are so incredibly talented, and guided me through selections of our refresh with such knowledge and patience. I absolutely love their beautiful storefront, and could not be happier with the selections we made with their help. I highly recommend Wright at Home for beautiful and unique interior selections, let them know I sent you! My selections from Wright at Home: Bedding and Linens, Amethyst Crystal Point Bowl, and the John-Richard Collection Canvas Painting. 

Tiffy’s Tips

~ I recommend holding on to furniture and decor that is of good quality and in good condition. Re-upholstery can create an entirely new look if you’re in need of a refresh. Pieces that no longer have a place in your home can also make it into the homes of family and friends (many items in my daughter’s apartment are pieces we’ve saved from previous homes). 

~ When selecting linens I highly recommend seeing the fabrics so you can touch and feel each before purchasing. I shop locally at Wright At Home, where they order samples of each sheet so you know exactly what you’re purchasing.

~ When selecting colors for our bedroom, I knew I wanted colors that are calming to my soul and fill me with joy. The colors we went with are such a fabulous visual to start and end the day. 

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