Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 101

Set Yourself Up For NSALE Success!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is HERE! Public access to the sale begins on July 17th… meaning we’re just a few days away from Nordstrom’s biggest sale of the year! I’ve shopped this sale for many years, and I’m here to set you up for Anniversary Sale success! I’m sharing my tips and tricks to beat the rush and bag the best items. Though the sale takes place both online and in person… I highly recommend opting for online shopping. During the sale, in-store inventory is oftentimes picked over and difficult to sift through. Shopping online allows you to see all that the sale has to offer, and even create your own wish list leading up to the sale (more on that later though😉). 

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing the best deals the sale has to offer! Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter, and follow me on Instagram and LTK so you never miss an update!


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale offers huge price cuts on BRAND NEW ARRIVALS. Unlike most sales that discount in-season or postseason merchandise, the NSALE offers discounts on pre-season items. New fall merchandise at a discounted price? Sign me up! Once the sale is over, all items go back up to their original prices, so take advantage of the sale while it’s here! Make sure to keep reading, I’ve linked a few of my early favorites from the sale at the bottom of this blog! 


Nordstrom cardholders and NordyClub members gained early access to the sale this week (you can still sign up HERE). However, public access to the sale begins on Monday, July 17th! The sale runs through August 6th, but inventory can be unpredictable… so your best bet is shopping sooner rather than later. 


Last week Nordstrom released a preview of the sale, giving shoppers the chance to explore the sale before it begins, you can access the preview HERE. Because items sell out quickly, I highly recommend utilizing the Nordstrom Wish List feature. Stocking your list with the items you want to purchase allows quick and easy checkout when it’s your turn to shop (also minimizes the risk of missing out on an item you wanted). As you look through the preview and see items you like, click ‘Add to Wish List’ to save the item for later. Before I dive into what should go on your wish list, I’ll walk you through how to move items from your wish list to your shopping cart when it’s time to checkout. 

  1. Sign into your Nordstrom account and head to your Wish List
  2. Click ‘Select All’ or individually select the items you want to purchase. 
  3. Click ‘Add to Bag’, then ‘Go to Checkout’ 


~ If an item on your list sells out, turn on alerts for a restock! People return items throughout the sale, so you might get the chance to snag one of your sold out favorites at a later date.  

~ If there’s a must-have item I can’t get my hands on, I’ll check the retailers’ website to see if they are price-matching. I had great luck with this last year as Spanx matched the NSale prices on their website!


As mentioned above, this sale is unique because it offers discounts on pre-season items, making it the perfect time to stock up on your fall staples. Though it can feel strange to purchase fall clothing in the middle of summer, you’ll thank yourself this fall! My belief is that you shouldn’t buy something just because it’s on sale… I’ve impulse purchased too many sale items just for them to go unworn or unused. To avoid this, I try sticking to 3 categories during my Anniversary Sale shopping.


I make a mental list of basic pieces my wardrobe is missing going into the fall season… foundations, t-shirts, leggings, boots, jeans, sweaters, etc. This way I have a guide for which sale items are must-haves for my fall wardrobe. If you need to purchase an item, you might as well do so while it’s on sale! This applies for beauty products as well. 


Again, I don’t recommend buying something just because it’s on sale… However, this sale is a great time to treat yourself! If you’ve been eyeing a pair of designer shoes or luxury sunglasses, try to purchase them while they’re on sale. 


This is a big one… GIFTS! I like to do my Christmas shopping year-round, and especially during a big sale like this. I recommend thinking through the people you’ll be shopping for this holiday season and saving on items they’ll love! Whether it’s your daughter, brother, team member or best friend, the NSALE has something for everyone. 

Have any questions or need help building your wishlist? I’m here to help! Follow along on Instagram as I share some items I have my eyes on! Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter… There are multiple Anniversary Sale blogs on the horizon! 

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