My Love for Sarah Flint Shoes


I am seriously paying for the years of wear and tear on my wheels after years of abusing my feet through teaching aerobics with incredible pounding and although, fashionably athletic, possibly an ill fit for my feet.  In addition to the years of stunning high heels with pointed toes have sadly brought me to the damage I have now and the foot pain I feel quite constantly. I do wear sensible shoes but I find that even sensible shoes often hurt.

I won’t bore you with the damage I have and currently experience but what I will share with you is my new fashion find! I have been in search of a truly fashionable, yet COMFORTABLE shoe for as long as I can remember and the search is finally over because I’ve found Sarah Flint shoes! Actually, they found me! I am not quite sure how our relationship sparked, other than the power of social media but I am in love with her style without sacrifice. I have listened to a few of Sarah’s live segments on Instagram and I feel like she realized there is a population of women yearning for comfort yet refuse to give up style. Artisanal craftsmanship and expert manufacturing, designed by a woman and inspired by many.  I am beyond proud to represent Sarah Flint Shoes as an ambassador. 



I am a sucker for a slide or mule so I jumped at the chance to order the Andrea Slide in gold crackle! First….how adorable are these shoes!? I (almost) feel like a fairy wearing these precious slides. The toe space is perfect for my hammertoes and bunion (there it is…I said it…ugh!). I did size up from my usual size and it’s the perfect fit! I cannot love these enough and I am dying to order them in black, too!  

My next shoe selection will be The Bennett in Pansy Floral Jacquard! Not only do I love the shoe design but the print and colors are just fabulous!

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 9.00.14 AM.png

I love that Sarah Flint keeps her price point low without sacrificing design, comfort and construction! Let me know what you think and enjoy!



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