My Journey To Hearing Aids

My Journey With Hearing Aids #hearingdevice #audiology #health #lifestyle #womenshealth #healthylifestyle

I actually prefer calling them hearing devices, as I am so humbled to be at this point in my life.  How in the world do I have such drastic hearing loss at my age?  My audiologist, Dr. Robin Carson of Carson Hearing Care shares the different factors contributing to hearing loss… age, genetics, and environmental factors.  Sadly, all three of these support my journey towards hearing loss. 

Several years ago, I met my dad at Dr. Carson’s office as he was having his hearing devices adjusted.  There is the genetic link…my dad, and his dad.  Dr. Carson offered me a hearing test to determine my baseline.  I resisted but finally agreed.  Even at that time several years ago, I had significant hearing loss.  Fast forward through the years of being unable to hear crucial conversations, frustrated family members, and embarrassment… I knew it was time.  I invited Dr. Carson on my podcast, episode #66, I Can’t Hear You!” and listened, mouth gaping as she explained how hard my brain was working to keep up with my hearing loss.  With that, comes the possibility of causing dementia and the realization that this is something I needed to rectify!  I couldn’t get to her office fast enough. 

Vanity, if you haven’t noticed, I am a bit vain.  The thought of wearing hearing devices was humbling and just a huge sign that I am getting old!  Ugh!!  However, the word dementia keeps me moving forward.  Dr. Carson was so fabulous, so patient, and so understanding.  She knew exactly what I was feeling, as she herself wears hearing devices and has most of her life.  She began by fitting me with a pair that was truly not visible at all.  I was SO happy… no one would know!  However, while this pair was visibly pleasing to me… Dr. Carson knew that this particular pair wouldn’t work for me given the pitch and tone restrictions.  Back to the drawing board. I am not thrilled with the pair I am wearing now but, I DO hear MUCH better… but they are visible.  It’s a trade off until technology improves and/or my vanity calms down… come on technology. Do I love them?  No!  Can I hear better? Yes!  Thank you Dr. Carson and Widex for supporting my hearing device journey and quality of life.  

My Journey To Hearing Aids #audiology #hearingdevices #womenshealth #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #health

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