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Coach Kati Epps, founder and health coach for MyBody GX, is removing the barriers to understanding the unique needs of the body by analyzing an individual’s DNA. Long gone are the days of blaming genetics for unwanted weight, inability to gain muscle size, or lack of endurance. Given SNP by SNP information for goals like reduction in body fat, increase muscular strength, and sustained energy, all from allele performance, is taking the guesswork out of fitness and nutrition.

After 12 years of writing programs for competitive athletes, prenatal and postpartum moms, amateur bodybuilders, and those seeking a healthy lifestyle, Coach Kati found there were no two bodies that required the same food or the same workouts to get to the goals they desired. In the past, it required trial and error to determine how the body was performing with a given regimen. This was extremely frustrating. Now with DNA testing, there is no question as to what a person specifically needs to attain their goals, short-term and long-term.

With certifications in health coaching, personal training, nutrition, and advanced sports performance, as well as a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Colorado State University, Coach Kati has brought fundamental weight training and advanced nutrition to a whole new level. The knowledge of chemical breakdowns, micro-nutrient paring, cellular development and healing, muscle growth and cardiovascular strength give an elite advantage when training for specific goals and peak performance.

“Living and raising my growing family in Austin is a dream. Our culture encourages and supports a healthy lifestyle with nutritious food options, variety in fitness possibilities, and endless opportunities to be a part of a self-love-encouraging community. I feel incredibly blessed to be in the fitness families where I find my joy in training and love encouraging others to find their passions too!”

MyBody GX

The unique opportunity that MyBody GX offers to clients is the ability to take a deep look at their genetic predisposition. How does their body utilize macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat)? What is their body’s tendency to absorb certain vitamins and minerals? How well will their body breakdown body fat with exercise? Lastly and most importantly, how can they best work with their body to get the results they want.

Knowing what the body likes, how best to train it and feed it takes all of the guess work out of diet and exercise. Once a genetic report comes back questions like “Should I do fasted cardio?” or “Should I be on a high protein diet?” are answered and explained. There is no longer a need to try the latest fad diet, as DNA does not change. This information can span a lifetime to explain why body fat is added or reduced through energy input and expenditure.

Coach Kati utilizes the reports, conducts an interview to establish goals and current lifestyle, then builds a custom plan to fit. The nutrition aspect is the greatest advantage of the custom program as it is broken down meal by meal into foods and specific macronutrients. Then a training program is devised to be the most efficient for time and breaking down body fat. The questions of how, where, what, and why are addressed and specific to the genetic predispositions. It is amazing how much more quickly results can be reached and maintained.

The greatest goal is creating a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable. Understanding the genetic makeup allows for the ability to have an inclusionary nutrition plan, while still getting desired results. When entire food groups are eliminated, diets fail. The same thing happens with overtraining, at some point 90-120 minutes of training per day becomes unrealistic and unsustainable. Coach Kati assists in making a plan that is easy to follow and realistic for a busy lifestyle. No one wants to waste time not eating the right foods or training without desired results. Lifelong sustainability utilizing DNA is the key that is unlocking the future of health and wellness!

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