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I am so excited to introduce my precious friend and incredible designer, Cara Brown of Cara Brown Designs.  You have seen Cara’s one-of-a-kind Horse Brass and Found Object necklaces in many of my photos but today, I am so excited to share the latest addition to her collections…the LifeJacket.  Cara describes the LifeJacket as a story builder or a script that highlights the landmarks of your life.  

The process begins by selecting a vintage tweed jacket then answering a questionnaire followed by a bit of one on one consultation. From there, Cara works her magic and the results are to die for!

My jacket is adorned with my beautifully stitched monogram, shared organizations that have been key in my life, where I am from and places I have lived.  I added my daughter Kennedy’s birth date and Greg and my wedding date and location.  Cara knows we love and were married at Las Ventanas, so she added that too.  My beloved TCU and our fight song’s first few words…Rif Ram Bah Zoo scroll the bottom corner.  I couldn’t leave out my little fur baby LaLa, of course, and Cara added a precious patch that represents my career as a chef.


When I received it in the mail, I could not believe how my LifeJacket is truly an expression of so many chapters in my life and SO absolutely fabulous!!  I have worn a number of times and it’s such an incredible conversation piece!

This beloved heirloom will be passed on to Kennedy with a story told of her mother and a short script of her life.  

Thank you, Cara, for such an incredible and iconic gift to the fashion world! For information on building your own LifeJacket, visit her website and tell her Tiffy sent you!!  

In the words of Cara Brown, “Life Goes By Fast…Jacket Required”.  

Cara Brown Designs 



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