LaLa Blackmon Turns 4


I cannot believe we have been a fur family for four years! LaLa is my VERY FIRST pet and I am not quite sure how I went 50 years without her! As most of you know, THE most unconditional love on the planet is from your pet. I/we need her just as much as she needs us. We are simply in love and she is spoiled beyond words. I didn’t understand the spoiling of pets but now…I get it!



I was thrilled when Pet Party Box reached out to host a celebration for LaLa as I see now, we celebrate our pets because they are family. We celebrate their special days the way we celebrate all the big days in our family. That means, when it’s LaLa’s birthday, we have a birthday party!


It can be difficult to know what to do or how to put a pets party altogether and that is where Pet Party Box comes in. You simply choose your theme and items, share how many fur and human guests you are expecting and your package arrives with minimal assembly. They even included a precious pink gauze castle that we hung from the ceiling for added cuteness.



LaLa invited her best friend Tank Plotsky and they posed perfectly as long as treats were continuously provided. 🙂

Included in LaLa’s Celebration Pack

Foil and Glitter Pet Crowns (Glitter Soft Plastic)

Pet Sunglasses Embellished with Crowns

Gold Cake Toppers (Glitter Card Stock)

Gold Balloons

16-inch Foil Birthday Number Balloon

Silver Tablecloth (Plastic)

Party Plates (Paper)

Hanging Honeycomb Fans (Paper)

Silver Garland of Crowns (Glitter Card Stock)

Gold Ping Pong Ball Pet Party Toys/Favors

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