How to Clean Makeup Brushes

I use my makeup brushes almost daily but, if you are like me, I fall short of cleaning as often as I should.  After in depth research, I am changing my ways!  Dermatologists recommend cleaning your makeup brushes every seven to ten days.  While I wish I could say that I’m one of the few people who follow these recommendations, I’m going to be honest and tell y’all that I’m lucky if I get around to washing my brushes just once a month.  I know, shame on me as I work so hard on keeping my skin healthy, but my goal in writing this blog post is to take my own advice and begin the habit of cleaning my brushes twice a month. 

Why should you wash your makeup brushes? 

You know those days where despite your best efforts, your makeup just isn’t going on as well as it usually does?  On those days, I find myself blaming the makeup… saying things such as “ugh, my makeup is just not working for me today”.  However, this is a misplacement of where the blame actually lies, your makeup brushes.  The longer makeup brushes remain unclean, the more buildup there will be inside the brush.  Buildup of both makeup and bacteria (yikes!!!!) is what results in irregular makeup application and breakouts (both things I would rather avoid).  Cleaning your brushes thoroughly and frequently is a great way to keep your makeup routine consistent and avoid bacteria buildup!

When should you wash your makeup brushes?

 As I mentioned previously, I am not one to pass judgement on others for not cleaning their makeup brushes as often as recommended (but hey, at least I’m aware!).  Historically, I knew it was time to clean my brushes when I noticed my makeup not applying as smoothly, breakouts or simply… if my brushes were just getting dirty.    However, I am prioritizing a brush-cleaning schedule that is in accordance with the recommended twice a month or every 7-10 days.


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Keep staying fabulous friends!

XO- Tiffany Blackmon




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