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In most places the weather has officially begun to dip into cooler temperatures…hence, closet transitions. Of all the changing seasons, in my opinion, the summer to fall closet transition is arguably the most dramatic.  Trading our shorts, sundresses, and sandals for warm coats, sweaters, and boots.  With the help of the FABULOUS Bonnie Smith (@shopwithbonnie) and Nikki Farris (@simplifyyourspacetx), my closet is ready for the season ahead, and yours can be too!

Photograph by Katie Nixon, 360 West Magazine

Sort and Store Summer Clothes

Begin by sorting through summer clothing items in your closet and finding space to store.  I typically use a guest room closet, or storage closet.  However, clear storage bins from the Container Store are great options, especially sizes that will easily fit under the bed.  You have now created closet space for your fall wardrobe.  

Organizing… keep your most used pieces within reach

This might sound like a given, but when organizing your clothing, shoes, and accessories it’s important to keep in mind which items you use more frequently.  To best utilize the available space, keep less frequently worn items out of the way, making room for your most used items front, center, and within reach.

Hanging Wardrobe Pieces.. Sorted By Lifestyle

While everyone has their own way of sorting their hanging clothes, this is the way I have found what works best for me.  Separating clothing by lifestyle/event allows me to have a general idea of where specific items should be.  Not having to frantically search my entire closet for one sweater saves me so much time and stress when getting ready.  

Add Some Organizing Tools

There is no such thing as too much space in a closet… and what better way to make the most of the space you have than to utilize every inch.  The Container Store has some fabulous goodies to help create additional space in your closet.  I’ve linked some of my personal tried and true favorites below! 

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  1. Bonnie Smith says:

    This is amazing advice and precisely how we keep that closet fully functioning ????

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