Grilling Tips, Tricks, and Must-Have Tools! As I often share, the grill is an absolute staple in our home! I have spent an enormous amount of time in both my career and personal life preparing grilled foods. I absolutely love a grilling moment… the culinary style, the flavor, the experience, YUM! During the spring and […]

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Grilling The Perfect Steak

May 24, 2023

Ingredients and Instructions for the Perfect 5-Step Crockpot Chicken | Easy Sunday Meal Prep Recipe | Healthy Recipes 2022

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5 Step Crockpot Chicken

January 18, 2023

Featured in the November 2022 issue of Austin Fit Magazine I had the honor of being featured in the Austin Fit Magazine November issue with my precious friend, my former fitness coach, nutritionist and founder of MyBody GX, Kati Epps. The holidays are quickly approaching and we are surrounded by our family, friends, and fabulous […]

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Holiday Beef Tenderloin

November 2, 2022

Football season is here and in full swing… ahhhhh, I just love this time of year! The team camaraderie, the energy, and the food. I’m not sure which is more exciting… football or the menu items prepared when watching, tailgating, or pre-gaming. When hosting, I plan menu items that are easily prepped, quick, and although […]

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Delicious Beef Skewers

September 14, 2022

I am fairly certain we all have a common thread… our LOVE of tacos! Oh my goodness, so much flavor, so much texture, such a variety of ingredients. There’s absolutely no right or wrong recipe other than creating what you like… wait…what you LOVE! I crave so many taco varieties, which most include protein with […]

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Tex-Mex Street Tacos

August 31, 2022

For this recipe, I kept it simple with just three ingredients , leaving you extra time to spend with family and friends this holiday season!

Easy Beef Tenderloin for the Holidays

plated cuts of beef tenderloin

December 8, 2021

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