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As many of you have gathered, I have a favorite color…Tiffany Blue, of course! There is no doubt, I gravitate toward this color hue in fashion, home decor, and every day life.  For instance, when we were in Italy last summer I saw a Tiffany Blue Vespa and fell in love! I digress. At the other end of the spectrum, I love neutrals and the combination of tone on tone neutrals.  I consider blush pink a neutral and love how I feel in this color!  So feminine, girly and just beautiful! Especially in the dress featured in the photo above from the incredibly talented Catherine Regehr.  Her designs are absolutely stunning and showstoppers! This particular dress was a special order from her Fall 2017 Collection for Julian Gold Austin and no longer available but click through some of my favorite blush picks that I’ve been eyeing at the bottom of this post!




Beauty Tips

There are plenty of factors that contribute to how a shade of any color will look on you. Cool, warm, or neutral undertones in the skin, along with eye and hair color can help you decide which type of pink will look best on you. When wearing blush, or lighter shades of pink, keep your makeup understated.  Lips that are shimmery in shades of light pink and eye shadows that are fairly neutral. Your makeup doesn’t need to be dramatic and over powering.  I line my lips with a neutral lip liner, color in and wear a shimmery gloss when wearing blush.  

When I wear this particular dress or a similar neutral clothing item, I like to add a bit of sunless tanner that gives a nice glow to my skin.  I have recently discovered Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil in Rose Gold.  The fragrance is FABULOUS and the shimmer is gorgeous!  I add a couple of sprays to unscented body lotion and apply, giving the most natural sun kissed skin.  It’s a bit of a splurge, so I use sparingly! A little goes a long way!! For a more affordable option that I like as well, try this.

Color is often a mystery.  Wear what you love and what makes you feel fabulous!  If you feel amazing in your clothes, break the rules!!  It will be okay!!

  1. Ellen Harrison says:

    I actually have a few pieces in my wardrobe and I love it because it brings out the natural blush in my skin tone. Whenever I wear this color people point out that it’s a great color on me. ????

    • Tiffy says:

      Thank you Ellen! I agree, blush is so flattering with my skin tone. I feel so elegant when wearing this beautiful color! XO Tiffy

  2. Marcia says:

    I love pink , especially with a cool undertone ! And to accessorize with silver or gray is so classy!!

    • Tiffy says:

      Thank you Marcia! Don’t you LOVE mixing metals with blush!!! I agree, classy and so very, very elegant!! XO Tiffy

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