Are You Summer Ready?

For many of us, summer is often enjoyed outdoors soaking up precious vitamin D the sun offers.  While summertime is fabulous, its sunny conditions can have some not-so-fabulous effects on your skin.  Warmer weather requires more mindful application of sunscreen from head to toe. Avoid reapplying when sweating and swimming to avoid burning, skin damage and the C word (dreaded cancer).  Depending on your climate you may experience humidity or dryness which should be addressed.  Carefully adjusting your skincare, body care and makeup products, your skin can acclimate and stay healthy.  There are so many wonderful products that work well for me but not so well for others.  Trial and error…just like life, right?  Oh….and stay hydrated!!!  Hydrate your skin on the inside and out! 
Always, drink PLENTY of water!  I drink about 4 liters a day to keep hydrated!!  Yes, that is on the high end of volume and yes, I am constantly going to the bathroom.  Lol!  No way around that.  I am sharing a few of my favorite tried and true as well as some recommended by friends. 

I hope you have a fabulous Monday! Please share what works for you –I love hearing from each of you! Oh! Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for weekly inspiration and even some amazing recipes. This weeks you will not want to miss out on!

Keep staying fabulous friends!

XO- Tiffany Blackmon




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