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Many years ago I tossed the “no white after Labor Day” rule aside and now incorporate white year-round. More about that on my blog HERE.

The first official day of fall is just over two weeks away… which means the heat of summer is hopefully about to start giving way to the crisp breeze of fall. With that being said, it’s time to curate a wardrobe that effortlessly shifts with the weather. This transitional period makes day-to-day outfit selection a bit tricky… how does one find a balance between fall-inspired looks when the weather isn’t quite reflective of the season? Dressing for the summer-to-fall transitional period is an art. One that consists of layering, accessorizing, and slowly swapping out summer styles for timeless autumn staples. From versatile shoes to adaptable pieces, I am sharing how to stay stylish, comfortable, and seasonally appropriate during this transition. Say hello to wardrobe essentials that help master the art of this seasonal shift!

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Shorts Swap

It’s time to trade your summer denim shorts for more structured shorts made of heavier materials. Swapping out your shorts is the perfect way to achieve a seasonally appropriate fall look while we are still battling Texas heat! When temperatures do finally drop, shorts can be layered with tights or paired with over-the-knee boots to keep warm. I love the look and feel of leather and tweed shorts… especially in warm, autumnal tones. 


A dress can easily be styled to add a bit of fall flare, making it an absolute staple when it comes to this transitional period. Start by pairing with a closed-toe shoe and fall bag, then transition to boots or booties as we get closer to fall. I am loving Frank and Eileen right now… their button-up dress is my summer-to-fall uniform. Perfect for pairing with a fall shoe, and the long sleeves are easily rolled up on warmer days. 


Layers will be your best friend when it comes to achieving a fabulous transitional look that caters to the fall style and summer heat. Personally, I’ve always loved blazers… they offer a classic and chic look that can be worn throughout any season. Adding a blazer, jean jacket, or duster to your summer looks offers the perfect transitional look. If it gets too warm, ditch the blazer or jacket then add it back in when the temperatures cool off.

Closed Toe Shoes

During this transition into the fall season, many think you need to jump directly into breaking out the boots. However, I like to start by introducing closed-toe shoes to my wardrobe… think sneakers, mules, loafers, and ballet flats (this tweed ballet flat has certainly caught my eye). These closed-toe options are a temperature-appropriate segue into fall.

Boots & Booties

As we get closer to the true fall season and temperatures, it only feels right to transition into our beloved booties and boots. A pair of boots with a dress or a skirt is a great style option for those “in-between” weather days. The fabulous days when it isn’t hot but also isn’t quite cold, LOL! I start with booties and then ease into my taller boots as the weather dips.

Fall Accessories

Another great way to welcome the upcoming fall season is through seasonally inspired accessories. Start by breaking out the suede or leather bags, opting for nail polishes in autumnal shades, and adding in scarves to elevate a look. I’m currently LOVING the Eric Javits Fall/Winter collection… so many incredible pieces that will also assist in your fall-to-winter transition.😉 The projected fall 2023 jewelry trends are also nothing short of fabulous… expect to see chains, pearls, bangles, and mixed metals, just to name a few!

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